Membership Details

Active Player / Coach / Referee

If you are interested in becoming a club member, as an active player, coach or referee get in contact with info[at] on the membership process.

All memberships of the club are done via the Swiss Federation licensing page. More information will be provided, but the following will be needed for the application process:

  • Copy of ID and / or Residence Permit
  • Digital Passport picture or similar
  • Release Letter (if member of another club locally or internationally)

Release Letter: If you have played rugby for another club in Switzerland you'll also need to provide a release letter from your old club. When coming from abroad you'll need an international release letter from the rugby federation you last played rugby in.

Here are some clearance letters from different rugby federations:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact

No pay, no play

No one will be licensed without paying the dues.

If you have any difficulties paying your subscription, please contact our club president, your team captains, or our treasurer directly. We shall certainly assist all people who require it (reduced payment, payment in installments etc.).

Passive / Social Members

If you’ve hung up the boots or just want to watch local rugby and become a member of the club, sign up to become a passive member of the club. We’re always happy to grow our rugby family and welcome to you to join for matchday festivities, socials and club events!

Membership Fees

Our membership fees are as follows:

  • Senior Players 25 and older: CHF 400.- 
  • Senior Players < 25: CHF 300.-
  • Student Players < 25: CHF 200.-
  • Junior Players < 20: CHF 200.-
  • Passive and Social Members: CHF 100
  • Academy Players: CHF 150.-
  • (Academy Players are all players who play and train with the academy) 

All information regarding membership in our Academy can also be found in the attached document: GC Rugby Academy Registration 2012-2013.pdf

Bank details

Credit Suisse
Postfach 4870
CH-8070 Zürich

Clearing number: 4835
Account Number: 650176-00-4
IBAN: CH77 0483 5065 0176 0000 4

Name of Account:

Grasshopper Club Zürich Rugby Section
8000 Zürich

Ref: "Club Dues"


A copy of the payment slip can be downloaded here.

Address Mutations

Please let us know if your address or other contact details have changed and send us an email to membership[at]