GC-Rugby and Charity

Charity is an important foundation of GC Rugby, let that be on the field among teammates and opposition, off the field post-match or outside rugby looking for opportunities to help those in need. The spirit of charity flows through the members of the club with the expectation that, being a member of GC Zürich Rugby, means always being open to give back. Passed down generations of rugby club members is the willingness to help out, whether in a small way everyday or in a larger way through events and fundraisers.

Recently the club has begun to try and make a bigger impact through charitable organisations. It first began properly through the organisation of the 2018 Charity “Naked” Calendar where over CHF 5,000 was donated to Krebsliga Zürich. This fun way of raising money made a large impact on the awareness of rugby in Zürich but also the spirit of rugby itself in that it looks out for the wider community. This great project was followed up in 2019 with another large donation to Krebsliga Zürich after the release of the 2019 Charity “Naked” Calendar.

Seeing the positive spirit and willingness of the club members to give back and help out in any way possible the club strived further to raise money for victims of the 2019 Sri Lankan Easter Bombings through the Kind Hearted Lankans association, supporting the people in need in Sri Lanka through food, shelter and resources.

The continued drive of the members led to another successful release of the 2020 Charity “Naked” Calendar this time in support of “Die Dargebotene Hand”, an emotional support hotline where over CHF 3,000 was raised for the meaningful cause.

Charity and GC Rugby go hand-in-hand, and is passed on member-through-member with an understanding that the club expects all members to always strive to help others in everyday life. We continue to seek to help as much as possible and to hope to widen our reach of support to all those in need.