GC Rugby and Krebsliga Zürich

GC Rugby has supported Krebsliga Zürich for the past three years, starting with the first Charity “Naked” Calendar in 2018. We chose Krebsliga Zürich after some members had friends and relatives affected by cancer and wanted to help fight for the cause. The club members found out with each passing year how personal the fight against cancer was. News of more family, friends and even club members fighting cancer arose and it led to the continued motivation of the club and all its members to continue supporting Krebsliga Zürich. 

After we lost a dear friend, player, and club member to cancer in 2020 the club wanted to give back more, not in a spontaneous way as done previously with self-organised charity calendars, but in a more structured way, showing our continued and dedicated support to a single charity. The club aimed to raise money through events and other programs throughout the year, and most importantly highlight the work and projects of Krebsliga Zürich. 

We are proud to have entered a charity partnership with Krebsliga Zürich where we will support them through multiple donation events at home games throughout our rugby season, highlight their work and proudly carry their logo on our jersey to continue to help raise awareness.

We hope that through this awareness we can show that Krebsliga Zürich is not only intended for those who are suffering from cancer, but also those indirectly affected. Krebsliga Zürich focuses on personal advice and support for people affected by cancer and their families. Furthermore they act in the field of cancer prevention and support cancer research projects. Cancer can affect everyone, and we at GC Zürich Rugby want to spread that message that Krebsliga Zürich is here to help all those in need.