Excellence A
Sun 13.10.19, 13:30 Hours | Colovray - Centre Sportif

17 : 17

2nds Draw against Nyon

The second team needed to win against defending champions Nyon to restore moral after the defeat against Stade Lausanne.

Unfortunately, we did not have coaches to accompany us, so Alex decided to supervise both the second and the first team. The match started at 1.30pm.

The game does not start very well and we concide two tries. Lukely their kicker sucks and fails to convert. Henry with his magical feet, slips the ball between the posts from a penalty. Score: 10-3.  Than we scored a try with conversion. Score: 10-10

The first half was almost finished when I (Claudio) decided to kick the ball outside. The kick got blocked giving Nyon a fantastic opportunity to score. I have to thank my teammates that defended very well and won the ball back.

The second half begins well Gwen makes a beautiful try that Henry converted. Score: 10-17. The game continues especially in midfield.  At 10 min. To the end they manage to make a try and go to 17-17. The last few minutes we have the balls in our hands and we're in their  half. For some reason the referee (the one, who two years ago was the referee for the final against Gplo, which we lost) who was disoriented throughout the game, decides to give a penalty to Nyon. The Nr. 10 decided  to throw the ball out to  end the game.

(Von: Claudio Zavalloni)