Excellence A
Sun 06.10.19, 13:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

3 : 19

The First Test for the 2nds

After a forfeit by LUC and a landslide victory against Hermance the first real test was knocking on the door for the 2nd team of GC Rugby. Motivated to defend the fortress Brunau against Stade Lausanne, the boys met at the pitch 2 hours before kick-off to set up and talk strategy.

This game was going to be a tough one and the team knew it. The opposing team consisted of young, eager players and a no. 8, who raised the average age of the team by about 15 years. After contaminating the changing room with the smell of Perskindol and listening to a rousing speech by team captain Romain Malouvier, the men were ready to face today's challenge.

13:00, KO: The game started off nervous on both sides. The first 15 Minutes consisted of an exchange of ball possession and penalties. Stade put a lot of pressure on our scrum-half, Oli Dias, by committing half of their team to the ruck. One could also think Stade mistook the rucks for a swimming pool as they loved to dive straight into them. The Backline had trouble running the ball with the constant harassment and line speed by the opposing team. Henry Estermann was the first (and last) to put points on the board for GC Rugby by slotting a penalty between the posts. 3-0 GC. After the penalty, Stade continued to dominate the rucks and soon scored a try after a messy breakdown and breaking our line. 3-5. The Boys were looking to retaliate and started playing good, simple rugby in the last 10 minutes of the first half, with fluid gameplay by the backs and big pressure by the forwards. In the last minutes before the break, the team gained ball possession by a beautiful lineout steal, done by the Italian stallion himself, Claudio Zavalloni. The ball moved forward to the try line with good crash runs from our centers and the forward pods. With an amazing no-look offload by our center, who obviously is very influenced by the rugby world cup on tv, the channel to the try line was free. Sadly, the support was mentally prepared to clean out the coming ruck and not to receive unexpected balls. Knock on. Halftime, 3-5 Stade.  

The Team continued at the start of the second half to keep up the fluidity they found in the last ten minutes of the first half. The team was confident they would score soon if they kept ball possession and played simple rugby. Stade did not agree tough and scored about 10 minutes into the second half with a run on the left wing. Conversion, 3-12 Stade. The next 20 minutes consisted of hard fighting over ball possession on both sides. Both Teams were noticeably tired and put on as many subs as they could. Due to a penalty committed in a ruck, Stade got a chance to put on more points on the board. They took it. 3-15. GC wasn’t going down without a fight and put once again a lot of pressure on the opposing team in their half. GC even had the opportunity to score a try of their own, run by our left winger Etienne Kummer. The run was characterised by 2 cramped legs of Etienne and him being tackled just short of the try line. Shortly after, the referee ended the game after a lost scrum in the opposing half. Full Time: 3-15 Stade. 

(Von: Lukas Fopma)