Sun 30.09.18, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

25 : 12

Great win over Bern for Valkyries

On a sunny but chilly Sunday afternoon, the GC/RCW Valkyries welcomed the Entente RedZone from Fribourg and Berne. This game was going to be their third game of the season and finally the hard work of the Valkyries paid off. After a penalty was awarded to them, which was successfully used by Simi, the Würizüri team stuck to the leading position in the game. However, that did not mean that they won uncontested. The Entente RedZone fought back hard and scored two times, which kept the game interesting for the Valkyries and the gathered spectators. Shortly after the penalty Monica A. made a try for the Valkyries. Later, Rahel managed to score the second try, followed by another try by Monica A. In the second half, the game became increasingly harder and the Valkyries had to put all their strength into the match. Luckily, Susu realized another last try, which was then converted by Petra. After the final whistle was blown, the Valkyries had secured their first win of the season and were overcome by joy! Many thanks to the Entente RedZones, who delivered such a tough game, and a special mention goes out to Monica Arzani and Sabrina Walti who were named players of the game. Massive thank you also to the boys and the president himself to come down an support us!

Link to all the pics of the game:

(Von: Marlène Polenta)