Excellence A
Sat 29.09.18, 13:00 Hours | Lausanne-Dorigny, Centre Sportif de l'UNIL

24 : 10

2nds lose away to LUC

Just two weeks after playing the first game of the season in Lausanne, the two teams travelled to the Leman-region to play the Lausanne University Club LUC on their home turf at the shore of the lake. It was a windy site which promised some tricky conversions.

Both teams started off equally with pressure in both directions, GC with a strong defense as seen over the past two games. The first try for LUC after 20 minutes followed by the conversion brought the hosts in lead for the first half.

A precise kick from LUC into the Lac Leman diminished the host’s game ball stack and it was a gone. With some luck, it will have arrived on the other side of the lake just in time for the game against Hermance on 27 October.

Shortly after that, LUC scored another try (converted) after several phases, followed by another one through an unfortunate gap in our defense just minutes later (converted), leading to a 21:0.

In the middle of the second half, Marius goes for a 50 meters run, gaining some territory and soon to be followed by a scrum. Picked up by Dayron, quickly popped to Oli and then brought again to Marius on the wing, he bursts through LUC’s defense and placing the ball just over the try line in the corner. What a score! After this, Andrea and Flo were deciding with a quick game of rock-paper-scissors on who will attempt the conversion. Flo was the “lucky” winner, facing the strong headwinds for his kick from the sideline. Despite the kick being fine on direction, the distance was not sufficient and the wind won this round of rock-paper-scissors.

Another try for GC towards the end from Dayron, though no conversion. The final three points from a penalty for LUC lead to the final score of 24:10.

Just moments later, full time had arrived and a strong, yet unfortunate game ended with a loss. A strong moral on the field form all the players, going forward and hungry for a win at the next game in Zurich!

Try scores: Marius Bräm, Dayron Cempos

Jaffa: Gian

MOTM: Galdric Maureau

(Von: Phil Kern)