Excellence A
Sat 16.06.18, 14:30 Hours | Utogrund, Zürich

21 : 19

GC 2nds win FSR Cup Final at home against Geneva PLO in dramatic style

The 2nds had only 6 days to regain strength, respect and honour against the invincibles of Geneva. Would it be possible to prevent a majestic double against the rugby equilavent of Thanos? Could the GC 2nds actually get another chance at glory? What devious game plan could be created to change reality, the fate of the planet and existence itself. 50 years of Zurich rugby was at stake including pride as hosting organizers of FSR Cup final day.

Playing rugby in Zurich had never been more uncertain as everything the GC Excellence Avengers had fought for has led up to this moment. The location was Stadium Utogrond,the date Saturday 16th of June and the time of reckoning 14:30.

Many supporters, volunteers and innocent kids became spectators of rugby’s equivalent of ragnarok.Geneva attacked but were repelled by the blue & white warriors of Zurich. After 10 minutes the defensive lines on both sides held. A small bit hope appeared amongst the GC players when a penalty was struck between the posts by Tom McMassive after 16 minutes. Spirits improved even more with another moment of Geneva indiscipline. 6-0 after 20 minutes is more than anyone had expected. Hold until relief at halftime was the motto. The 2nds team players just did that due to big improved performances by the 3rd row players Dayron, Claudio and Yannick.

In the 2nd half Geneva attacked the try line like a pissed-off Rhino in heat. Inching forward , crushing hits and finally the Zurich defensive line was broken. However not all hope was lost as the conversion was missed. GC was still leading by 6-5 against all odds. It was time to step-up and defend by attacking. Brilliant interplay by the backs to forwards and back to the backs was rewarded with a fantastic try by Oli Diaz. GPLO’s tryline had been conquered and the GC Lions extended the lead to 11-5.

Geneva was not amused and attacked with fury. Zurich’s 22 became a battle field once again and GPLO Bulldozer strategy seem to work once again putting themselves in the lead for the first time in game 11-12. Achieving the majestic double seemed only to be a matter of time for unbeaten GPLO. It looked that they finally woke up after their journey to Zurich. Did the GC Lion warriors give up their battle?

Hell no. This epic rugby battle continued and Mysterious Misch suddenly unleashed his superpowers after quick interplay from our own half and scored a try of relief which Tom converted to put Zurich in front once again 18-12 after 60 minutes. Was Geneva finally defeated?

Unfortunately not. Like bad guests they wanted to spoil our party and attacked with all their might. Zurich defended but could not prevent another try by GPLO. Just before the end of the game Geneva was winning again 18-19 and it seemed that all hope was lost after a heroic battle. Would there still be time for some magic?

 Suddenly a whistle sounded....and a penalty was awarded…for Zurich.

 Once last chance, one kick for justice and immortality.  Captain McMann stepped up, looked and shot for victory 21-19. Zurich roared and won the FRS Cup against all odds. What a game of Rugby.                  Free Amboss beer was shared amongst the thirsty warriors to celebrate this historic moment.

The universe still has hope for future generations. Let us cherish this quest for glory.

Team Line-up :

1.Dom , 2.Cam,3.Schuepp,4.Germain,5.Gasser,6.Claudio,7.Yannick the Knife,8.Dayron,9.Calvin,10.Tom Mc (captain),11.Galdric,12.Flo Bos,13.Misch,14.Oli,15.Samer

Subs: Gus,Henry,Ueli,Arnie,Damian,Rico,Phil K,Chris Strahm.

Match officials & Water Warriors: Tim, Fin, Marius and John .


Scorers: Tom McMann (3 Penalties and 1 conversions), Misch ( 1 Try) and Oli ( 1 Try)

(Von: Arnie Devine)