Excellence A
Sun 03.06.18, 15:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

21 : 18

2nds advance in to League Final after tight win against LUC

After the unfortunate loss of our first XV, it remained with the second XV to save the honour of Zurich Rugby. Lausanne UC, a strong team and one of our hardest rivals on the “Road to the Championship” came to siege our fortress Brunau for a fourth clash in this season.

The teams were met by perfect rugby weather, slightly sunny but not too hot. After an intense start, both teams tried to play a strong defence and to take control of the match. It was Lausanne who scored the first points of the game by a penalty kick. But the lions in white and blue fought back and got rewarded with a nice forward try by Mr.-Hot-Temper Tarjan. Brilliant kicking by GC captain Tom resulted in a 10-3 lead at the end of the first half.

After the break, it seemed like the home team was fitter and veteran fullback Pato could finish a beautiful wide play. Zurich was now leading 15-3 and with one step (and their minds) in the championship finals. But the game was not over yet and with stupid errors creeping in, the momentum was slipping out of their hands. One unnecessary yellow card by power forward Dayron later and the home side found itself outnumbered. Lausanne came back again into the game, scoring two consecutive tries. 15-15 and about 5 minutes to go, the game became more and more a nail-biting affair. LUC scored another penalty and with 3 mins left Zurich had to react. And they did. After a penalty, our number 10 kept his nerves and kicked the ball between the posts. 18-18 and only 2 minutes to go, the lions were now putting all their forces together to win that game. LUC, like a cornered beast reacted with a deliberate knock-on. Tom didn’t need to be asked twice and once again kicked the egg straight between the posts. 21-18, last play, game over!

Zurich won thanks to a strong defence and great team effort. The dream of the double is still alive.


Man of the Match: Tom McMann

Jaffa: Dayron Campos

(Von: Christian Strahm)