LNF-A 2018/19
Sun 13.10.19, 12:00 Hours | Colovray, Nyon

19 : 8

Tough Defeat against the Mermigans

On a beautiful sunny day, the entire club traveled down south-west to Nyon for what promised to be three exciting games. Not only did the Valkyries want to continue their winning streak, but also, the match was an opportunity to reverse the result of the lost championship final in June. We were eager to prove that our hard training since the end of the last season was paying off.

The game started off with Nyon putting on a high tempo and pressure on our backline, which resulted in an early try by them (7:0). The contact was hard from both sides, and two unlucky injuries forced us to have some early substitutions. After a tough 20 minutes, we managed to get into our game and started to have a lot of ball possession and dominate set pieces. A successful penalty kick by Katie put our first points on the scoreboard (7:3). We continued the first halftime by mostly playing in the opponent’s half, but didn’t manage to capitalize on our good field position. 

Unfortunately, ten minutes into the second half we saw two yellow cards both within 5 minutes, which left us with only 13 players on the field. We didn’t let this get to our heads and managed to keep ball possession most of the time as well as keeping the pressure on behind their 22, even with two people down. However, outrunning us on the wings, Nyon managed to score another try (12:3). Once we were back up to 14 players, we managed to react quickly and - following a nice line of hands to the corner - scored ourselves (12:8). Still outnumbering us, Nyon used their advantage of more players and responded swiftly (19:8). We kept our fighting spirit during the last 20 minutes, but did not manage to put any more points on the board, leaving the final score 19:8. Things to improve in the future will be our discipline and communication, whilst reducing our unforced error rate. Special congrats go to Anna for rocking scrumhalf (Simi, watch out!). Woman of the match (nominated by Nyon) was Géraldine, from our side it was Sophie - both for their strong running lines and dominant tackles. 

(Von: Lea Strohm, Isa)