Sat 01.06.19, 13:00 Hours | Allmend Luzern

19 : 22

Valkyries qualify for finals after defeating Lucerne if though battle

Summer finally came to Switzerland, and with the big star shining WüriZüri woke up on Saturday morning, 1st of June, to face Luzern in the semifinals. Big preparation behind, a lot of nerves and motivation. On the train to Luzern, the girls were quieter than other match days. It was the calm before the storm. In the changing rooms there was a mixture between tension, energy, friendship and intense looks between the players. They knew that, no matter what happened that day, they were giving the 200% on the pitch. This game was the cherry on the pie, the extra they have worked for all season long- anything beyond that would be more than expected at the beginning of the season.

The warming up was intense, it required full concentration and communication. The sides of the pitch started to be occupied by the first supporters, it was almost time. The sun was heating hard, yet our WüriZüri players were ready. The word of the day was fight.
At 1pm the game started, WüriZüri received the ball and broke hard the Dangels defense. The intensity of the game from both sides was extraordinarily high.
However, unlucky for the entente Zürich/Würenlos, they quickly received a try from Luzern after a not well defended phase. However, WüriZüri reacted to that as nothing happened and they fought back. They advanced quickly with a very well-organized game to be placed in Luzern’s 22. WüriZüri took advantage of a penalty against Luzern and Katie scored 3 points with her magic foot. All the efforts of the season were reflected on the communication, the support and the fight that our ladies were putting onto the field. Finally, Geri could open the score with a try after some strong attacking phases and the try was converted by Katie.

Despite the high temperatures, both teams kept playing intensively and fighting for every single centimeter on the pitch. Luzern started to hit hard on our defense line with their forwards close around our rucks. WüriZüri reacted slowly to defense them allowing Luzern to gain many meters. But at some point, our ladies reacted to face them, and finally Luzern couldn’t gain much more meters with their forwards. The supporters were bursting cheering up both teams, the rugby ambience was delightful!


Then, after an intense response from WüriZüri to Luzern attacks, playing many faces with the forwards, Rahel managed to cross the try line and scored again. WüriZüri was just asking for more, this was not enough. They were totally motivated to go out from the pitch with the victory. Every small break was important to drink water, breath together and gather energies to continue the fight.  After strong phases done by our 8 forwards and well directed by Simi, WüriZüri advanced from almost the middle of the pitch to reach the try line of the opponent. Luzern defended very bravely but finally WüriZüri scored again with a forward’s phase where Katja left the ball on their try line. The try was again converted by Katie.

The tiredness started to appear for both teams, but none of them gave up on the fight. Finally, the ref called last action and by the boot of Simi out of the field the final whistle blew. That was it, the end. Final score 19:22 for our ladies!

Smiles, screams, tears of happiness, hugs…Emotion everywhere. We are qualified for the finals!! Thanks to Luzern for this incredible rugby game and for being such challenging opponents.

The team made it, all together, we made it for those on the bench, for those that are injured, for those that can’t play anymore, and for those that were supporting us from the beginning. Many thanks to our coaches Fraser and Cory who made this evolution possible.

One of our former coaches, Paul Davies, had his business trip planned according to our playing schedule, and maybe his words sum up in the best possible way what this game meant to him and the team:

“There are times when rugby can be beautiful or brutal or humiliating or triumphant – but sometimes – just sometimes – it is damned magnificent, heroic, epic and Saturday was one of those games for me.”


Thanks Paul for being there and being part of this epic game too!

And now: IT’S JUST ONE MORE… promise!!!

Players of the game: Tia and Laura



(Von: Laura Alvarez)