NLA 2019/2020
Sat 01.06.19, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

44 : 10

1st Team through to League Final after beating Geneva PLO at home

It was a glorious day on June 1st 2019, a warm sunny Saturday, to be precise. North east breeze, humidity at 18%.  Every 1st XV GC player rose from their beds simultaneous as 8:00 am alarm clocks rang through out Zurich precisely for 10 seconds. This is called the Alex Ramon game-day mindset: Sleep on the left hand side, one window open, 2 pillows. After all Swiss semi finals rugby standard procedure.

At 12:30 sharp the GC rugby team was gathered at the Mecca of zurich rugby; Sportplatz Brunau. The BBQ was set, the 1st bbq shift standing around not making salad or realizing tomatoes and dressing was behind them on the bench. The usual Tati was late. Standard horseback timing of an Argentinian Guacho.

Kick off - 14:01, 1 minute late and our swiss players already complaining. GEPLO the travelling side from Geneva started out aggressive, with classical french ball retention around the ruck, not playing for territory right away. GC defense held up strong, sending a few players almost back into the bus. It was going to be a long long day for the sleepy French side.

GC locks also knowns as the “leaning towers of pisa” showed formidable strength in reading and capitalizing on the first lineouts thrown by Geneva. It took 28 minutes until the first points were on the board. At 14:28 JB who spends way too much money at the Specialized Bike shop Zurich kicked his first penalty. 3:0 for GC. 

The floodgates have been opened. Cameron McSniff was sounding the alarm from the side line and Jack Zhoul blew the trumpets, something was brewing.  2 minutes later Gaeten, 2nd in line to the Geneva thrown, kicked a penalty to equalize 3:3.

A few minutes later at 14:35 after a good kickoff and strong defence pinning GEPLO in their 22. A strong Sylvain (1st in line to the Geneva thrown) turnover coupled with a kick through saw Jess score his 1st try. His opposing winger nowhere to be seen.  Yes, JB converted stupid question.

10:3 for GC.

The ball kept rolling with flanker Yannick Leichti scoring another try 3 minutes.

No JB didnt converted stupid question.

15:3 for GC.

1 minutes to go before half time saw an offload from Leichti into the hands of Tim for a silly show and go while sprinting down the left hand side wing. The GEPLO 15 contemplated seeing a hospital bed and tackling or playing 40 minutes of the second half. He clearly chose the 40 minutes. Yes, JB converted stupid question.

22:3 for GC.


Kickoff GC, stolen, and with some simple hands by GC, try in the corner for Jess. Something was sounding from Uster. No JB didnt convert stupid question.

27:3 for GC

Subs: on bench unloaded, 5 fresh legs actually 10 fresh legs of 5 players ;). Alex Ramon was on the field so no excuses. Despite never being in the Military his short man syndrome is very much alive. Ekim our (swiss military Major) prop naturally obliges despite his senegalese roots.

Post substitution Cameron McSniff & Co were still sounding the alarm. Jack Zhoul quietly taking a seat due to fitness levels. Scrum down GC ball. 3rd try for Jess, the Uster supporters could be heard all the way from the Griefensee. GEPLO 9 and 11 raising their hands for the physio after being steam rolled by our well oiled American Mac truck Jess. Yes, Leo converted stupid question.

34:3 for GC.

The game concluded soon thereafter with a converted penalty kick from Leo. GEPLO 8 scoring of a tap and go and a GC Ugandan on the loose running over people in the midfield channel. He is known as Jemba Jackson Bull, direct descendant of the Jackson 5, without the royalties. However Jemba identifies more with the Ugandan Baganda tribe from Taunton, Somerset, UK.

Yes, Leo converted stupid question.



Special Mentions:

Gaeten and Sylvain are siblings. One is older hence the throne lineage.


Vincent Vaseline Giffard, GEPLO 7, also Known as Vinny played his retirement game. He has been a formidable player for Luxembourg and will be duly missed in the European Rugby Championships.  Best of luck to you Vinny. It was a pleasure playing with you and against you for the last 8 years.Yes he uses way to much Vaseline.


(Von: Yared Ketema)