NLA 2019/2020
Sat 20.10.18, 15:00 Hours | Neuchâtel, St. de Puits Godet

3 : 49

1st Team stay top of the league after win against Neuchatel

It was a sunny Saturday morning when the GC Rugby Men started their journey with a packed bus to the southwestern hemisphere of Switzerland. Despite the estimated travel time of two hours, neither google nor the bus driver could forsee the frequent breaks that had to be taken by the ladys team also travelling with the bus, which delayed arrival by one hour.


After a strong performance by the second team it was up to the Zürich’s First XV to proof why they are at the top of the national table. The first 20 minutes were spoiled by multiple mistakes and it was only Zürichs good defense that prevented Neuchâtel from entering the try zone. It was our Bernian winger, Leo who was able to exploit a gap in the defence and secure first points to relieve some pressure. After another mistake Neuchâtel was able to score their first and only points by a penalty through the uprights. Nonetheless Zürich followed strong with a try from our Albanian eagle Benni.

Following the example more GC players became hungry for tries and were able to score a total of 7 tries (Hugh, Sylvain, Ueli, Leo x2) which our kicking machine of the day, Tom McMann converted reliably. 

Great victory and plenty of time for some celebratory beers, as we once again had to wait for the bus already occupied by our beloved girls team. 

(Von: Christian Röhrig)