NLA 2019/2020
Sun 04.11.18, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

58 : 14

GC win in style against CERN and remain top of the league at the halfway mark of the season

The weekend started with a disappointment, CERN Rugby club had sent an official forfeit for the 2nd XV game which meant the much anticipated Triple Header was now demoted to a double header. This was a real blow for the 2nd XV after a disappointing away loss vs Hermance the team was keen to get back on the field and impress the local crowd. Rugby players are like cheeses, players improve with age and experience, aged cheeses gain complexity in their taste, new flavours can be created when a cheese ages from 6 months to 6 years, this is what we want the 2nd XV to do. To grow and mature and eventually make the jump to the 1st XV where their “flavour” will reach it’s full potential, for this process to occur they need to play as much rugby as possible as only through games do players learn. On to the Ruglette! (the author takes no credit for this stinky pun)

An overcast, cold but dry day greeted the 1st XV at their fortress cave at Brunau, a cave where the players have matured, battle scared and eager to defend it, there is a sharpness to this current crop of players. Warm up was taken by our Luxembourg Lion, the Chief Fromarger (Sylvain Cotu) looked on as the team practised line outs and the back moves. We were focused and everyone knew their goal. We had to win with a bonus point, nothing less. CERN bottom of the table had nothing to lose and we could not take them for granted.


Kickoff by Cern, a clean catch and Zurich started to march down field. A combination of some big ball carrying by the forwards and some slick back passing we were into CERN’s 22. A penalty under the sticks was given to GC. Opting for the safe three points the internally confused French/English man who cannot decide whether he prefers a Stilton to Roquefort sliced the middle of the posts like a cheese wire, Delicate and quick.


Receiving the kick off Zurich again attacked and made meters, the back line was smooth and slick cutting through the CERN defence with ease, they were no Parmesean more of a Frisch Käse, A quick couple of tries and GC had jumped to a 20-0 lead. Zurich attacked with some great interplay from our Bernese Fullback, Romandie 12, English 13 and French Wingers, the cheese fans of the world rejoiced in the ability for these players to put aside the great cheese wars of yester year and to come together to entice our taste buds. The hard forwards (Cheddars, Gruyeres,  continued to provide a great platform, although less runny than the backs they brought the grunt and gave opportunities for the backs to continue their dominance.

Again Zurich attacked, this time the Sri Lankan number 8 had an opportunity to bring some South East Asian flavour to the fight, with 5 metres from the try line he bundled over multiple CERN players and scored, all that was left in his wake was d’brie.

Not to be out done by the other continent Sylvain Hirsch grated through the CERN defence with an easy pass to the Yannick L to score another spectacular Try. Hugh Converted, Score: 34-0.

The waft of the raclette was slowly floating over the pitch and it seems like the smell was starting to put the GC players into a slumber. Mistakes started to creep into the game and GC found themselves defending. The defence which had been such a strong point for the team this year was showing some cracks, with some scramble defence CERN secured a Scrum on our 5m line. The big packs came head to head and a push over try was given to CERN. 34-7.

Zurich Kicked off eager to get rid of the cheesy slumber that had engulfed them, CERN caught it, one pass and Yannick L in pursuit left an arm high, High Tackle. The ref called him over and brandished a yellow card, it did feel a bit harsh as it was the first high tackle of the game and not that dangerous, spectators after declared that it was not a Gouda call.  Zurich down to 14 men saw out the final minutes of the half.

Although the goal was completed the job wasn’t, Zurich wanted to continue how they started the game and wanted to put more points on the board for the second half. 1st team positions were up for grabs for the remainder of they 18/19 season so everyone was hungry to build on the first half performance.

Zurich kicked off but unfortunately they couldn’t get the wheel to roll as well as the first half. Offloads which had stuck in the first half went to floor and the game started to become a scrappy affair. Replacements were made and these made the impact needed, slowly try’s started to come again.  Another try to our Sri Lankan who seemed a lot happier on the wing. 44-7.

The last play of the game, CERN had battled hard but like a swiss cheese their defence had holes, Ekim took advantage and had an incredible run darting through the holes and putting down. End of the game 58-14.

A comfortable win but Zurich still have work to do, the goal is clear and only through hard work will we get to the end. One last game before the winter break next week versus Stade Lausanne at Home.

With a nice win the team set out to devour the special raclette which had been put on for them. A special thanks for Phil Kern and everyone else who helped set up and serve the racelette this weekend! It was a great success!



3 – Udara

2 – Leo

1 – Galdric


Jaffa: Yannick (Yellow card prevented him from getting 3 pts)

Debut 1st XV: Christopher (We will get you next away game ;) )


Team Sheet:


  1. Sämi
  2. Henggi
  3. Benni
  4. Ueli
  5. Tim
  6. Yannick
  7. Diego
  8. Udarawa
  9. Flo
  10. Finlay
  11. Romain K
  12. Sylvain H
  13. Hugh
  14. Galdric M
  15. Leo
  16. Ekim
  17. Pickers
  18. Tauira
  19. Felix
  20. Christopher
  21. Yared
  22. Tom
  23. Adam 

(Von: Finlay Small)