NLA 2018/2019
Sun 11.11.18, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

63 : 10

Undefeated 1st team enter the winter break top of LNA

The rain stopped in the early Morning, when the players were about to wake up and starting doing their rithuals. The sun was shining and we have been blessed with more than 20 degrees celsius for a beautiful rugby day! The game started with no doubts, the forwards immediately put some phases in which allowed to sping the ball outside till the small but bulky Leo Lamborghini, who was able to score a try.

A remarkable thing done bad by Zurich are all the missed tackles that happened in the first 15 minutes of the game, but anyway Stade Lausanne didn't manage to take an advantage of this.

Kickoff again and Zurich was immediately near Stade Lausanne red zone. A penalty was conceded and the Tom the MasterKicker didn't miss it. Lamborghini managed again to get a ball and put the 7th gear on, leaving everyone else behind till the try line, where something weird happened and he lost the ball. Don't ask me what happened, I'm a fat prop, I was too far away. With the ball in their hands again, GC forwards managed to do a lineout wrong, which seemed to be an majestical fake move as the last man received the ball and managed to gain a lot of meters toward the try line. Again some spinning and some passes along the touch line between Lamborghini and Hugh Kiwiskey ended up in another try for the race car. Then a beautiful moves of the backs was to make an inside pass to Jess Gudrun, who ran with no fear to the posts and put the ball down. MasterKicker conveted also this try, what a kicking machine. A one way game. Pushing on the left side, Waterworld Tim managed to break a tackle and do some passes with other players and then, close to the try line, he showed a maximal expression of capitalism by not pasing the ball and trying to break another tackle, which ended in a knock on? (am I right?). At some point, completely randomly, the prop Hodor the Мишка managed to score the decisive try that conceded Zurich the Bonuspoint. The first half ended and the game was concluded as well. The second half started with GC pushing immediately and after a maul and some pick&go, Henggi the Beautiful scored a try. Not after long time Alex the Playing Coach managed to score a try.It was time for Felix, the predator at the top of the food chain in Paddy's, to get out of the pitch for the last time. To make it unforgettable, the coach allowed him to kick the conversion. He scored it, as he scored many times on the pitch but he definitely scored more in Paddy's. Lucky for everyone, now we are able to bring our girlfriends back to PAddy's and the poor people in Berlin will have to build up a wall again to contain this beast!

Unluckily one of the GC boys got hit in the head and had to go off, no subs could came in as swiss rules don't allow subbed player to come in in case of head injuries. So the boys with one man less kept playing on.

Some more phases of the forwards, some mauls and pick&go and another try was in for Zurich, scored by Chris the Scientist (First spoiler of the GC Rugby calendar for 2019!). Well, then Hugh Kiwiskey and Alex the Playing Coach scored another try each. The last phase of the game saw Stade Lausanne getting some aggresivity and attacking the Zurich line. After a strong defense, the home team conceded a try to the french fries. 8 games, 8 victories, 40 tries scored and 8 tries scored against. Great numbers for a great start of the seasons. The boys must now focus on the winter training and improve their fitness in order to consolidate the top of the league and finish the championship as undefeated team.

Tries (conversions) & Penalties:

7 - 0    Leo Lamborghini (Tom Mcmann)

10 - 0  Tom Mcmann

17 - 0   Leo Luginbühl (Tom Mcmann)

24 - 0   Jess Roberson (Tom Mcmann)

31 - 0   Norman Pedrini (Tom Mcmann)

38 - 0   Philipp Henggi (Hugh Kisielewski)

45 - 3   Alex Ramon (Felix von Reischach)

50 - 3   Chris Röhrig

55 - 3   Hugh Kisielewski 

62 - 3   Alex Ramon  (Hugh Kisielewski)
62 - 10  Frenchy wing (Pomme Frites)  

(Von: Norman Pedrini)