NLA 2018/2019
Sat 30.03.19, 16:00 Hours | Plan-les-Ouates, Stade des Cherpines

17 : 42

1st XV beat Geneva PLO and secured a place in the playoffs with 4 games to go

The first few minutes we made some handling errors but as a reaction to that we scored of a scrum as JB got the ball and made a cheeky little inside pass to Jess who broke through to score under the post.

Throughout the game Liechti and Röhrig stole some of their Lineouts, which was one of many reasons for Geneva side to start a fight. Jb’s kicking game was solid today.

After a nice breakthrough from Tauira and a offload to Tim like Kobe Bryant, Tim only had to pop the ball to Jemba the Bull who made it look easy to step a defender and to ground the ball in the try zone.

GPLO slowly but surely started to see opportunities to come back at us and turn the game the other way around. We let them come back at us as result of that they scored in the 30th minute.

After getting back down near their tryline, GPLO got penalized and we left with 3 points. Shortly before halftime Liechti received a yellow card after he smashed their Winger with a high tackle on the floor.

Shortly after GPLO got back at us as their Scrum-half made a Up-and-Under kick right in our try zone, the ball was in the air, perfectly presented so I could catch it which I didn’t, I smashed the ball into the out like a professional Volleyball-player. Due to that I got yellow carded and Geneva got 7 points for free.

But Sylvain Hirsch the ex GPLO-player knew we needed to score another Try to close the gap, and so did he as he run through their defense like Speedy Gonzalez.

Smashing a GPLO’s player on the butt as a sort of tactical confusion Alex finger up the bum Ramon run past their confused Guard dogs and could just pop the ball to Jess who finished it.

Udara the Sri Lankan tank laid a solid foundation for our backs as he tightened their Defense so we could score our last try of the day on the wing.