NLA 2019/2020
Sun 12.05.19, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

36 : 0

1st Team confirm Home-Semi Final after winning against 2nd placed Hermance

Now was the time, the game that would decide whether we would reach a home semi-final in our #fortressbrunau or travel west for an difficult away game.  After last week 64: 0 win against Neuchatel, it was difficult to know how the team would perform against a Hermance team pact with french players.

The first half started with a huge tackle from Tim Vögtli, which set the tone for the next 80min. With the advantage of the wind, we managed to stay in their half for the first 15min and generate multiple phases. Scrum half Florian Bezard opened a perfect gap and Jean-Baptiste Flüeler finished the action by scoring the first try of the game. Try converted, the score was 7:0 after 20min.

What followed was a great defensive team performance on our try line managing to shoot down every Hermance attempt to get on the scoreboard. Motivated by our strong defence, Jess (Jesus) Robertson scored after some good ball handling from the backs under the post. The try was not converted as JB got charged down. WAS ISCH MIT DEM?!

Obviously frustrated about the score, Hermance started to punch in every occasion, even managing to knock-out one of their own players in the scrum.

Score at the halftime was 12:0. Even though we were leading, many things were not working, as we struggle to build momentum and standing to flat in attack.

Head coach Alex decided to bring four fresh players. Those changes proved to be crucial as Yared Ketema scored under the post after a great running angle by Sylvain Hirsch, who by the way tries everything to integrate by learning the wonderful language of “Schwiizerdüütsch”.  Standing deeper in the backline, man of the match Leo Luginbühl, scored in the corner after beating several Hermance players. The next try was a once again an impressive individual performance by Jess Robertson who caught a boxkick, to run untouched under the post. This was the moment when Liechti’s mother definitely fell in love with him. Rumours say that she was looking after him on tinder, but finally decided to match with Alex, who asked her if he could stay at her place, as he was in the city for a “conference on coaching”.

The longer the match lasted, the more brawls broke out. Surprisingly hothead Hugh Kisielewski wasn’t involved in any of the fights. We would have loved to see him in action, since he is a well-respected fighter in the pubs of his former “hood” Chelsea.  

Frustrated about our physical and technical domination, several fights broke out, which led to a red card for an Hermance player. When everyone thought that the action was over, Yared exchanged some lovely words with the banned player. The following scene is one we will not forget: two 120kg heavy Orks chasing down “Mister Luxembourg”.

The last 15min were characterized by interruptions. After being punched for the whole game, our future "sharks academy" player Andri Koeferli lost his nerve and got yellow carded. The last action belonged to Yared Ketema who scored the last try of the game after some nice footwork.

Final socre 36:0, mission accomplished. The home semi-final in our #fortressbrunau is secured. We still have one more away game in Cern to finish the regular season on a high.




(Von: JB Flüeler)