NLA 2019/2020
Sat 18.05.19, 15:00 Hours | Saint-Genis-Pouilly (F)

17 : 43

Solid win vs Cern

Swiss superstar Player-Coach, now turned Captain-Player-Coach Sylvain de toulouse set the tempo well for the Grasshoppers showing all, that he once wore numbers higher then just 1 through 3, with outstanding work-rate both on and off the ball. Cern's defense initially held attempts at making the gain-line difficult,  but broke under the pressure in the form of a penalty, giving us a early 0-3 lead. Sloppy work at the kick off had us struggling to maintain pressure. thankfully not long after we began finding space out wide, with ball going to hand Misch a.k.a. "the freight train" made himself to much of a handful which seen him takeaway a few meat pies. The not so well known Sylvain Hirsch had to have made, what could only be called "the catch of the season" where Finlay in typical English fashion, kicking high, Sylvain jumping to catch it just outside their 22, we then went to the right corner then across the field and "the freight train" sealed it in his preferred opposite corner. It wasn't all sunshine and Daisies however towards the closing periods of both halves Cern began to effectively mount attacks seeing them cross our try on 3 occasions but it was not enough for a strong grasshopper team. 

final score 17 - 43

Cern 17 ( unknown ) - GCZ 43 (tries: -FreightTrain 2 ,- Tauira 1,- Super Coach-player-Captain 1,-Louis 1,- Alex 1 . conversion: -Finlay 2:2 -Hugh 1:1 -JB 2:3. Penalties: JB 1:1)