LNF-A 2018/19
Sun 05.05.19, 11:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

29 : 0

Valkyries beat Alba at Home

Last Sunday was full of intense feelings.

The entente Valkyries/Würenlos confronted the Alba Ladies from Lausanne in Zurich. WüriZüri had to keep the distance from the last position of the classification by winning this game. The kick-off took place at 12pm in Almend Brunau, with a big crowd from the second and first team of GC Rugby cheering up.

Under mild cold weather conditions and some hail, our home team imposed their game in every action and second. WüriZüri demonstrated to be organized and ready to try everything they have been working on. Strong attacks made by the forwards broke the Alba defense line, leaving good opportunities for the backs to play the ball. There was a dynamics movement of the ball with good intentions. It took some attempts, but finally, WüriZüri made it to the try with Isa scoring. The Alba ladies demonstrated to be strong and smart in the rucks and contra rucks, making it difficult in some moment to open the ball to play fast. In another occasion, the forwards made it very close to the try line after some phases, but unfortunately, WüriZüri lost the possession of the ball. However, after a couple of phases, Tia scored the second try of the game and her first try for the team.  WüriZüri also dominated in the scrums stealing at least 3 of them from Alba, which gave our ladies big opportunities to play the ball. Before the first half of the game was finished Isa scored again for WüriZüri leaving a clear difference in the score.

After the half time, WüriZüri stayed strong and dominating. The next try came again after some back phases by Katie entering in attack and breaking through the defense. Right after, Tia smartly kicks and leave the ball close to the poles, chased by Katie, and she scored again. 30 minutes into the second half, the game started to get chaotic and uncontrolled, which slowed down the momentum of WuriZuri. Alba ladies had some excellent opportunities which finally didn´t work out. Unfortunately, in one of the plays after a scrum by Bina, she got seriously injured, and she had to leave the pitch. WuriZuri stood for her and fought the rest of the game regardless of the tiredness and the cold. 5 Minutes before the final, also Simi had to go out of the pitch. Our ladies stayed strong until the end winning by 29-0. Good Victory to accumulate points and celebrate the birthday of our coach Fraser!

We wish a speedy recovery to the injuries and we will combine forces again in the next game against Nyon on the 25th of May.

Players of the Game: Isa x2

(Von: Laura Alvarez )