LNF-A 2018/19
Sat 27.04.19, 13:00 Hours | Bern, Grosse Allmend

7 : 12

Valkyries with great win on the road against Bern

Victory away in Bern

Long 3 weeks break after the fight the Entente Valkyries/Würenlos put on Luzern´s pitch, our ladies had a game away in Bern against the Entente Redzones.
Really good feeling for this game, having already tested their possibilities in a friendly game against Bern before the end of the Winter Break.

WüriZüri stepped up in the pitch with a completely line up and a lot of envy. Weather conditions made challenging playing long with the backs, but they managed to get under control and play along with the strong wind. The defense of Bern stayed strong close to the rucks, and organized fast. Bern had a good pressure in the scrums, but the WüriZüric forwards could keep them under control.
Bern opened the scored with a fast run of one of their backs, with no conversion. After several attempts from our ladies, they couldn´t bring up the score during the first half.
After the half time, the first try from WüriZüri came with couple of nice forwards phases which broke Bern´s defense, followed by a phase with the backs ending up with Katie reaching the try line. Then, WüriZüri could imposed their game facing a tired Bern and Geri could finally score again with a conversion.
The game ended up with a deserved victory for WüriZüri, which showed good communication and perseverance in their game, testing all their possibilities.
Well done ladies!!!

Players of the game: Katie, Rahel

(Von: Laura Alvarez)