LNF-A 2018/19
Sat 30.03.19, 13:00 Hours | Luzern, Allmend

10 : 10

Valkyries draw against Lucerne after busy pre-season schedule

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The entente formed by Würenlos Ladies and the GC Valkyries (GC Rugby) has started the second half of the season; ready for the challenge and to prove their hard work.

*Test Game Entente Redzones – GC Valkyries 23rd of March*

The Entente Redzones kindly hosted a preparation game two weeks ago. Both teams were able to show their best conditions after the long winter break, and to test new players (numbers of female rugby players in Switzerland are growing!).

The game was very intense and with interesting movements from both sides. #Würizüri demonstrated a big improvement in communication and union, which was reflected in the organized phases, strong defense and the supportive ambience. There is still a lot of work to do and plenty to improve, but this game felt really good as pre-season game.

Final result 10:10

Players of the game: Monica I. and Laura

First game of the spring season Luzern Dangels- GC Valkyries 30th of March

First game of the spring season for our #Würizüri team away in Lucerne on March 30th. Our ladies followed three keywords to face this game: communication, support and hunger. #Würizüri played against Luzern, who are currently leading the LNF A. The entente from Zurich and Würenlos went out from the first minute with envy of rugby, which was kept until the end. The first half of the game was full of intense attacking sequences from #Würizüri , trying the strong host’s defense. However, the forwards could advance meters at every phase and dominating in the rucks leaving clean balls to play with the backs. Good control and conservation of the ball was one of the big improvements. Luzern also showed their strength and ferocity in some dangerous phases, trying to break and destabilize the defense. #Würizürikept those attacking phases under control, in many cases making them loose meters. First try from # Würizüri came after a lineout and couple of robust forwards phases, allowing Geri to cross the try line. Lucerne reacted to this, scoring a try within the next 10 minutes after a couple of strong forward's phases. Then, after a couple of smooth and fastballs through the backline, who made the team advance until the 22m line, the #Würizüri forwards again started a close attack always making meters over the advantage line, ending in a try by Laura.

During the 20 first minutes of the second half of the game, the GC Valkyries were still dominating mentally and offensively. Unfortunately for our ladies, the Dangels proudly took back control of the game, approaching the try line several times. The score 5:10 was intact until throughout the second half, but 7 minutes before the end of the game and while GC Valkyries were caught always loosing meters while defending, #Würizüri got a white card, leaving them with 14 players. Finally, Luzern scored the last try of the game.

We are very proud of all the effort from our ladies, and specially with the feeling of being more united than ever. This is the beginning of a new era!

Final score 10:10

Players of the game: Geri and Bina

(Von: Laura Alvarez)