LNF-A 2018/19
Sun 04.11.18, 12:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

0 : 34

Valkyries lose against strong Cern Wildcats in last game of the year

On Sunday the 3rd of November, The entente Wurenlos and Zurich, aka WuriZuri, received the CERN Wildcats in the last before the winter break. The 16 players of WuriZuri, although small in numbers, were decided to give 200% on the pitch.. 

During the first minutes, there was a general unorganized game, but both teams started with clear aggressiveness and decision. CERN presented very dangerous forward phases and fast balls to the backs, which could overcome a slightly slow WuriZuri defense, ending up in the first tries. After this two events, the WuriZuri ladies reacted with a tough and impenetrable defense until the end of the first half. The Valkyries could play in Wildcats 22 for a while, due to several penalties in a row from the Genovese team. There were some elegant back movements that got the local team to the try line, but unfortunately, the unfinished movements did not end up in a try. Despite the efforts of the WuriZuri players to keep the attack from CERN under control, the visitors scored again, setting a big gap in the score. 

Nevertheless, the entente WuriZuri has improved in some aspects from previous games, proving that the team is growing stronger and united. We are looking forward to what the team has to show us in the second half to the season! 

Final Score: 0-34 
Players of the game: Geraldine, Monica 

(Von: Laura Alvarez)