LNF-A 2018/19
Sun 28.10.18, 13:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

10 : 12

Valkyries get losing bonus point in tough loss against Mermigans

The second to last game this year was to be played against Entente Mermigans. It was a cold and rainy day in Zurich, thus perfect rugby weather. As has been predicted by the captain of the Valkyries, this season would be a season of margins, which would also be true for this game. After the first whistle, it became clear that both teams wanted to win this thing and many great tackles and runs were performed on both sides. Unfortunately, the mermaids from the Romandie scored after twenty minutes and also made the conversion. Eight minutes later, a second try would be made by Nyon, this time without a conversion. During the break, the coach encouraged the Würizüri team and restored their fighting spirit.

Thus, they began the second half with renewed courage, which they immediately put to use. After five minutes, the forwards broke through the line and Laura scored. Five minutes later she did it again showing everyone that though she be little, she is fierce. The Valkyries could already taste their victory and fought even harder, although passing became increasingly difficult under the weather conditions and there were many dropped balls. However, luck was not on the Würizüri side and the referee blew the final whistle. With only two missing points, the Valkyries had lost. Final score: 10:12

Many thanks to the referee and the Entente Mermigans, who put on a good fight. During the cosy third half at the Kiosk of the Allmend Brunau, Isabella, Selma, Monica Iachizzi, and Laura were honoured as players of the match. The Würizüri team looks forward to their last game of this year, which will be played on their home ground against the Cern Wildcats on the 4th of November at 11:30.

Line up:

1.    Veronika Haunerdinger

2.    Monica Arzani

3.    Katja Dick

4.    Joelle Huber

5.    Leonie Kiewiet

6.    Monica Iachizzi

7.    Petra Tretter

8.    Géraldine Fontana

9.    Jana Seebass

10. Simone Haymoz

11. Vanessa Rüegg

12. Rahel Bosshard

13. Sophie Morscher

14. Anna Saur

15. Susanne Epprecht

16. Fabienne Stierli

17. Debora Hächler

18. Marlène Polenta

19. Sabrina Walti

20. Maria Enarson

21. Laura Alvarez

22. Tatjana von Rosen

23. Isabella Bauer

Coach: Cory de Wit

(Von: Marlène Polenta)