Excellence A 18/19
Sun 12.05.19, 12:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

45 : 8

2nds move back in to playoff spot after winning against Hermance

We had won our momentum back from the psychologically important home win against Neuchâtel last week, but now it was all in on May 12th. Both us and our opponent Hermance were very much aware that this was the game to decide which team might get a chance to prove themselves in the playoffs. Thanks to the home location and our lovely fans the moral was clearly on our side. Huge thank you to the mothers who cheered for the boys either physically or in thoughts, despite mother's day! 


After Captain Henry’s final motivational boost in the locker room game was on. 

GC kicked off and was able to secure an important early lead. First try by Louis under the posts, initiated by a superb breach through Hermance’s defensive line. Inspired by the gracefulness Linus soon after took his chance and scored - under the posts! Solid conversions by fly half Tom. 

Very soon the desperation on the part of Hermance became apparent. Their dirty playing in the scrum was supposed to provoke, but Zurich preserved discipline thanks to exceptional team spirit and coaching.  

After some phases on our 5 yard Hermance managed to score against us. That should not happen again. And from this point on, the grasshopper’s line of defense remained unbroken. A strong bench brought new momentum to our game in the second half. The more points the home team brought on the scoreboard, the more the opposition lost focus and the more it relied on unfair methods of intimidation. Unimpressed, Zurich kept on scoring. Tries followed by Dayron, Galdric, Henry, Leo and Louis. Full time score: 45 - 8 in our favor. 

Well, it seems Look Good Play Good pays off after all.


It was an intense game that was won by performance during game time and disciplined behavior during the interrupts. Well deserved, GC rugby replaces Hermance on a promising fourth place in Excellence A.


Thanks a lot to all supporters and all who cheered at Brunau on Sunday.

(Von: Justin Mazenauer)