Excellence A 18/19
Sat 30.03.19, 14:00 Hours | Plan-les-Ouates, Stade des Cherpines

13 : 26

2nds move in to playoff position after beating Geneva away

Last Saturday the 2nd team of GC Zurich met the 2nd team of "les chevaliers". For several years, Zurich had not been successful in Geneva. It was time to finally knock “les chevaliers” off their horses.


On the way down Björn served the finest espresso accompanied by sweet pastries from Arnie's mother-in-law. What could go wrong?


But apparently the Zurich lions were still too busy with coffee and cake during kickoff. Geneva started strong and determined. Nobody of Zurich was tackling around the ruck and the line was broken quickly. Only a high tackle could prevent the Geneva player to score, 3-0 GPLO. Another penalty followed. It was taken quickly led to a try in the corner by Geneva, 8-0.


This wake-up call was needed by Zurich. They started to defend and to attack strongly. Ueli's runs and tackles showed that he wasn’t only doing selfies in the gym (for proof check his Insta-account). Only a penalty could stop him, 8-3.


Thanks to the hard work of all the forwards the ball started to move to the backs more often. Tom passed to Marius, Marius popped to Mischa who had just returned from his Rugby-sabbatical. After breaking the line he managed to offload to Flo who played wide. “Les chevaliers” were disorganized and allowed “the squat machine Dyron” to score in the corner, 8-8 at half time.


The first minutes of the second half were again marked by a strong defense game. Apparently Coach Alex tortured the players in the balloon not only for his had a benefit as well: Geneva soon got tired and Zurich was able to increase the pace.


Wonderfully exploited penalty by Tom, 8-11. The Geneva players were now definitely broken. The 2nd team of Zurich played one of the best games of Zurich Rugby he has ever seen said Coach Couttu. First to the right side, back to the left side and Oli the nimble young man broke the line. El Capitano Henry took the ball one meter before the line and exploited, 8-18.


There were only 10 minutes to go. However, part-time vegan Thomas Mc Mann hasn’t had enough. He was keen to get some more meat as Nick Cummins would say. After penalty advantage he kicked across the field. What a beauty it was! French man Flo collected the ball in the air and scored in the corner, 8-23. For further details, please contact Flo’s girlfriend. She got the detailed description over WhatsApp.


3 minutes were left to play. GPLO was desperate, started throwing punches and tried to fight. We stayed disciplined: Penalty for us, final score 8-26. After several years “les chevalier” were finally knocked off their horses on their home pitch.



(Von: Mischa Meier)