Excellence A 18/19
Sun 11.11.18, 12:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

25 : 17

Seconds still on track for the playoffs before winter break

After 7 games (6 due to CERN forfeit last week), the second team was eager to get a last victory before winter break, to forget some disillusions we have encountered and move into the winter break on a positive note. We knew Stade Lausanne would come with a motivated squad, since they lost against us in September due to license issues (while they won on the pitch). For GC, a defeat today would mean playing in the second half of the league for the rest of the season.

Right after kick-off, Stade kept the ball away from us for 5 minutes, played in our half and scored after many phases thanks to their second center, a hulk with better ball handling skills than Dayon, for a try at the corner which was not converted. They played simple rugby with pick and go, building phases, and waiting for gaps in the defense : after 5 minutes GC is losing by 5 points.

Few minutes later, Zurich went back into Stade’s half. A penalty was obtained from our forwards and Henry could convert and GC was finally starting the game : 3-5. Stade afterwards found an interesting line out in our 22m. Andrea took some serves, played it quickly for his 15 and after a long kick we were back into their half. Just before half time, after few scrums and forwards moves, Dayron made a nice run in their defense and scored after dancing with 3 of their players. 10-5.


The second half started well for GC, with a smart decision made by Y. Messerli who took the risk to run a pick and go alone but found a gap in their defense and scored between the posts. 17-5 for GC. GC kept the pressure on, long kicks from Henry and Andrea kept Lausanne away from our try line and we could even obtain a penalty 20m in front of their posts after one of their forward tried to murder Gian. 2 weeks ago we had the similar situation against Hermance, we were leading the game and looked for a third try while we should have converted our efforts with 3 points. This time we tried to be smarter (not easy when you play rugby), and Henry took his responsibilites and increased the score to 20-5.

20 minutes before the end, Stade proved great team spirit and confirmed that a rugby game does not end after 60 minutes, even with 14 plaers on the pitch. They came back into our half, played not sexy but efficient rugby (pick and go) for 5 minutes and GC suffered, lost its nerves and got penalized 5 times in few minutes only. Paolo paid for the team and was sent off the pitch for 10 minutes. Obviously, Stade insisted with its strengths. After consuming all our defenders around the rucks, their backs called the ball wide and could score again in the corner. 20-10.

Our coach Sylvain decided to make the last changes right after this try and wished for a reaction from the team. Unfortunately, on the kick-off, Stade’s wing received the ball and « a mis Dayron sur le cul ». On the next phase, their 10 got the ball, ran into our defense line and run 80m to score an unbelievable try (as unbelievable as the 3 missed tackles). 20-17.

Losing today would have terrible consequences, and nobody was willing to start the winter break with such regrets. There was 5 minutes to go in the game, a last penalty obtained could secure the score but the ref did not want to award Henry’s kick (even the ref from Lausanne granted it). Never mind, few phases later Paolo (who just came back from its yello card) could conclude a big team effort and prevent Lausanne from the defensive bonus point. 25-17 Final score.

This is it, we have to satisfy ourselves with the 4 points today and move to the winter break with positiveness. There is 6 games to go and we are 5 points behind the 4th position, every point is crucial if we want to reach the playoffs, hard work is needed during winter break…

Jaffa : Paolo (first yellow card and first try)

1.       Josh
2.       John
3.       Gorkem
4.       Anthony
5.       Romain
6.       Christopher
7.       Yannick
8.       Dayron
9.       Adam
10.   Henry (C)
11.   Marius
12.   Andrea
13.   Gian
14.   Paolo
15.   Galdric
16.   Gus
17.   Fab
18.   Tati
19.   Martin
20.   Oli
21.   Justin
22.   Leo

(Von: Galdric Maureau)