Excellence A 18/19
Sat 20.10.18, 13:00 Hours | Neuchâtel, St. de Puits Godet

7 : 78

Solid win for 2nd XV vs Neuchatel-Yverdon

On the 20th of October the GC 2nds team wrote history in the eco-friendly, zero consumption plane flying, tree hugging town of Neuchatel. Alex Ramon, the coach for the 1st team of GC, reffed the first half being perfectly fair. John, almost sober from previous night proved himself to be a better play after drinking. His single pass lead Görkem, the beast from the east, to score an awesome try followed by Henry’s conversion kick. Dayron, during the whole game, couldn’t get enough from scoring tries. The guy, just wanted more and more. Ueli, having shed the pounds from the past, wrong-footed the biggest guy on the pitch, then ran faster than an Arabian horse for 60 meters which was then followed by throwing a blinder of a forward pass. Henry, with his exceptional leadership skills and conversion kicks, lead his team to victory and then moved on to play as a hooker for the 1st team.

During the game the overall quality of intercommunication was better, but it still needs improvement. As it is common with many rugby teams, the defensive line gets interrupted during kicks which go back and forth. The team lost its focus from time to time and the opposing team took advantage of that by scoring a try. Good defense and good structure were displayed; however, the game plan can always be improved.

Overall, the positives outweighed the negatives during this game which resulted with whopping score of Neuchatel 2nds 7 – 78 GC Zürich 2nds.

We thank Neuchatel for being an amazing host and their hospitality. We look forward to the games in the future. 

(Von: Görkem Özcan)