Excellence A 18/19
Sun 07.10.18, 12:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau

19 : 31

Tough loss for seconds at home againts Nyon

Another magical home game at Brunau was upon us and the red hot BBQ was on ready to start off a great day. Thanks to Raph Waldis, Yared Ketema and their BBQ team and the organising committee for bringing the heat.
We were all ready and waiting for this match and had a tremendous squad of young and old faces. A great mix of youth, energy and experience on our side, but we quickly find out in the first 20 minutes Nyon also had some new faces and were ready to take the match to us.
The female ref, which surprised most of the lads, was working hard and knew the rules to the letter. Penalties conceded by both sides and set the tone for the following minutes. The forwards were overwhelmed in the scrum for most of the match and missed tackles led to their first 3 tries.
At last we found some momentum and started to go forward, stealing possession and meters. We started making advances over the gain line thanks to our Cuban monster, Dayron and Henry doing their best carrying the ball and delivering in the line out.The scrum finally came to our advantage and the forwards showed their strength and unity give clean balls for Oli and Adam to start creating space for the backs.
With halftime arriving, we were 25-5 down and Coach Sylvain asked us to win the second half, which we did.
Even I was asked to pass out wide to Adam, and thankfully it worked and led to another opportunity created. The forwards and backs worked hard in the opposition 22 twice in a row and missed golden chances to deliver some tries. Fullback Galdric worked like a dog for the whole 80 minutes and was always getting stuck in offensively and defensively.
Full time. 19-31.
In the future we must capitalise on these chances, listen to Oli, Adam and Andrea, and support each other to create opportunities and smash the opposition. Were it not for missed tackles and some tremendous kicking for points from henry and guidance from Oli and Adam the result could’ve been a positive one. We lost against ourselves and must do better in the future, starting on the front foot from the first whistle.
Try:Henry EstermannOli DiasGörkem Özcan (who was then sent off for excessive celebration - crazy Turk)
Points: Henry (3), Oli (2), Görkem (1)Jaffa: Görkem for his yellow card for excessive celebrations
Squad: 1 Dominic Kern, 2 Henry Estermann (C), 3 John Mansfield, 4 Phillip B, 5 Görkem, 6 Romain M, 7 Yannick Messerli, 8 Dayron Campos, 9 Oli Dias, 10 Adam B, 11 Phil Kern, 12 Andrea B, 13 Romain K, 14 Gian 15 Galdric M,
16 Norman Pedrini, 17 Paolo Panza, 18 Cameron (Sick Note) McNiff
Two weeks until our away match at Neuchatel. Let’s get ready so we can start to get back to winning ways for GC II. Sign up and win.
John M and the GC II Massive

(Von: John Mansfield)