NLA 2018/2019
Sun 23.09.18, 14:30 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

28 : 17

First team win against current champions GePLO

GC's objective was to win against GePlo in order to take the lead in the championship and not concede a game on his field. Therefore, with a limited objective the task would be difficult.

Fifteen tight-knit players started the game. Despite clear objectives, the Zurich defence was unable to counter the Geneva attacks.

After a touch in the 22m, Maxime (12 GePlo) scored the first try. Zurich loses 7-0 after 5 minutes of play. A few minutes later, after several phases, the Geneva winger (Mathieu) kicked over the defence and scored the second attempt of the game. After 10 minutes of play, Zurich lost 14 points (0-14).

After conceding two tries, the Zurichers put their hands back on the ball and finally started to play, Tom scored three points twice following penalties (6-14).  Then, after a great game action, Dayron scored a great try in the end (13-14).

The match is extremely catchy and no one makes any major mistakes. Neither team wanted to lose. However, Zurich took the lead by scoring a second time (18-14).

A new penalty is conceded by Zurich, another one! The score is now 18-17 after a penalty transformed by the Geneva number 10.

The people of Geneva are getting a little tired, probably because of their long journey between the two cities.

Zurich has many chances to score again but lacks of maturity to slow the game down and makes mistakes before the try line. However, Zurich managed to score 3 more points (21-17).

Geneva has an opportunity to get back in the game, but number 10 misses 3 points.  After putting good pressure and a superb kick from Tom, Tim scored the third attempt for Zurich.

Zurich wins and leads the championship with 9 points.

Key Point of the game: GC is happy to have beaten the Swiss champion on home soil and Sylvain, a former GePlo player, is even happier to have beaten his precedent team. 

(Von: Sylvain Hirsch)