Excellence A 18/19
Sun 23.09.18, 12:30 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

7 : 29

2nds lose in repeat of last years final against GePLO

Defending champions Geneva PLO travelled to Zurich knowing a difficult game was coming, and the weather for the first home game of the season could not have been better.

The guys from GC expected a tough fight, which they countered with the right attitude and mentality. In the first phase of the game, GC was able to distinguish itself with a strong defensive performance and so it took some time for Geneva PLO to score for the first time. The boys responded with pressure, whereupon Leo made a good run, which was completed by Marius with a try and converted by Henry. However, Geneva PLO managed another try just before the break to make it 7:12 at half-time.

For the second half, GC set to continue their game plan attempting to take advantage of a usually strong defensive Geneva PLO in distress. However, with increasing fatigue, the errors increased and PLO continued to set the tone. Geneva PLO only managed to get points on the board with their strong maul, against which GC had no answer for, and increased to the final score of 7:29.

Another difficult afternoon but the scoreline did not reflect the effort of the player-limited 2nd XV. A proud performance and one to work off of for better results over the coming season.

Final Score:

GC Zürich 7:29 Geneva PLO


Try Scorers:

Marius Bräm



Henry Estermann

(Von: Dominic Kern)