Sat 02.06.18, 15:00 Hours | Stade Marius Berthet, Chens-le-Pont

37 : 23

First Team lose Semi-Final in Hermance

Expectations were running high on the 4 hours drive to Hermance for the GC boys on Saturday. They reached a new boiling point when Björn drove the mountain-passage  up to the hermance field as if it were a smooth landing track. 

The match started well with Hermance committing two mistakes in a row, giving GC a chance to an early, but narrow 3 point lead. The first half hour consisted of titt for tatt with both teams not being able to get a handle on the game. GC lead after 20 minutes 6:9. However, GC’s defence eventually caved in after a series of attacking mauls by the hermance-forwards they scored the first try of the match. Another Hermance try off a lineout five minutes later lead to a halftime score of 20:9.

GC needed to step up their game in the second half. Unfortunately, after some mistakes at scrumtime, Hermance won the ball against the put in and with that, the first attacking ball of the second half. After some brave defence on the GC line they crashed over for their first try of the half. The first couple of impact substitutions were made. After another hermance try and penalty more substitutions were made. And finally, they paid off. The forwards eventually started to produced forward momentum for the backs to do their magic…and magic did happen. As sudden as a white rabbit with a russian last name out of a hat Hugh dove over for the first GC try. Not much later however disaster struck. Tim “Youreneverallowedtoplaysevensagain” Vögtli went down with a Lumbago. Not that it made to much of a difference in defence. However, no substitutions were left. So GC would have to finish the game with only 14 men. But Zurich came on stronger than ever in the 65 minutes before. And after a couple of incredibly strong carries by the one and only president and finally some decent passing Diego jogged over the Tryline. GC fought valiantly but it was altogether to little to late. Final Score 37:23. 

GC have shown they are capable of winning against every Team in this league. Two of the teams taking part in the semi finals have been beaten by GC twice this year with GEPLO only just getting away with a win on their home Turf. We can be proud of what we achieved this year. And we can look to bright future. 

3 Points Henggi

2 points Patchi

1 Point Liechti

(Von: Samuel König)