Sat 17.03.18, 15:00 Hours | Fritz Grunebaum Stadion, Heidelberg

12 : 19

1st Team win against RG Heidelberg

GC traveled all the way down to Heidelberg to get a chance to challenge the actual Bundesliga leader on their own pitch. There could be no better preparation than a tough real game to get ready for the start of the season, and it felt like all players were very well aware of that.

A quick look at the opposition during warm-up could already provide some information; the Weinerschnitzels had done their effect: the Germans looked solid.

Right after kick-off, Zurich attacked the game from the right side, by putting a high level of intensity and aggression that surprised the opposition. However, to no surprise, the discipline was on the side of Germans, and the immigrants of Zurich conceded too many penalties. The game was played mostly on Zurich side, but the GC-ers held perfectly in defense, without letting them penetrate them. I mean penetrate into their try zone. At the end of the first third, teams were tied at 0-0 and Zurich could thank Radu for showing all the way in defense. Also thank you for Radu for remembering the date and location of the game.

After the break, Zurich got more control of the ball, but too many mistakes prevented them from materializing their possession with a try. Yet, in the third and final part, tries started to be scored as fatigue smoothed the defense line.

Under the impulsion of its two local German tractors (Felix and Chris), the forwards of Zurich pushed Ekim the Red behind the try line after a strong maul starting from the 22 line. Great work that was actually prepared at training during the week. Shortly after, Zurich scored a second try, which was probably not fantastic because I don't remember it. However sadly, Zurich was not able to control the game properly and let the Germans coming back into the game with a try on a pick-and-go. Fortunately for us, the 2 Germans still had some gas left (<wbr />#Messerlishouldlearnfromthem)<wbr /> and brought us back into the game by constantly attacking the advantage line and #winning some meters. Yared, who can also be gratified with an awesome performance off the bench, broke the line and perfectly served Jessie for his first try for GC. Thank god!


The game can probably be considered as a reference performance for the GC 1st team. The most impressive thing is that all 22 players on the team sheet had remarkable performances. Apart from Alex maybe, but he is a great coach.

Now the season is going to start, with 3 first games crucial to determine the rest of the season. Coming to training and being focused on performing alone and as a team, will be key to build up team cohesion, and hope for a semi-final at home.

(Von: Sylvain Coutu)