NLA 2017/2018
Sun 08.10.17, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

57 : 10

Great win at home for the 1sts against table topping Hermance

After two strong performances of our team leading to a home win against Geneve PLO and a loss by only one point at Nyon the question before the game was: Where does the team really stand in terms of performance? Hermance had won both their first games and the motivation was high to put an end to that.

Nonetheless, the first half can be summarized as a big fight. After scoring a first try from a rolling maul from the lineout through Andri Koeferli, Hermance came back phase after phase and put strong pressure on the team. A second try was scored, but then GC found itself defending on close to the own try line with many mistakes leading to penalties and many scrums. Weather was certainly an influence factor to this, but our team showed great spirit and defended phase after phase. Still, just before half time, Hermance managed to break over the line and score a try. Just 12-10 at half time.


There was clearly some disappointment to be felt in the half time speech of coach Alex. But while Hermance had burned all their fuel in the first half, GC could benefit from a strong bench which should make the difference on that day. With the first changes to the team made at half time one could feel that GC was getting stronger and stronger, while Hermance lost their access to the game. More and more GC started to take control of the game and scored one beautiful try after the other, 8 beautiful tries in total. Hermance fell apart.

After the match there was just pure happiness. GC proved that it will be a force to be reckoned with. Spirit in the team is great and everybody is already looking forward to the next match in Lausanne against Lausanne Université.


1 Norman Pedrini, 2 Andri Koeferli, 3 Sämi König, 4 Felix von Reischach, 5 Chris Röhrig, 6 Sylvain Coutu, 7 Dano Indermauer, 8 Tim Vögtli 9 Oli Dias, 10 Fin Small, 11 Radu, 12 Yannick Staubli, 13 Matias "Pachi" Arocena, 14 Ivan Kraljevic, 15 Hugh Kisielewski

16 Nico Scharenac 17 Philipp Schuepp 18 Diego Favre 19 Ueli Galli 20 Flo Bezard 21 Louis Reyes



Koeferli (2), Kaljevic, Reyes, Arocena, Staubli, Favre, Kisielewski

Penalties / Conversions


Man of the Match