Sun 03.09.17, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

52 : 22


The clouds hanging over Zürich in the days running up to the prestigious Father Abraham's Cup vanished to give us a glorious rugby day out. The Spring Cows awoke on the Sunday from their morning slumber with bad backs, knee pain and headaches, but after a trip to their medicine cabinet, they had the energy to take up the challenge of the Loose Lambs (the name coming from the conquests the players manage to pull on their usual Friday gatherings at Paddy's).

The players gathered at 12, with the younglings looking fresh after a breakfast trip to Burger King for some, whilst the Spring Cows had their pre-match beer and set out to field a team with a clear lack of backs.

After an expert kick-off by novice Spring Cow, Germain Brunet, the Lambs started with a blitz with young Dano running the ball upfield and after some silky kicks and passing, the Lambs were quickly 17-0 up. Unfortunately, the naïve younglings thought this game would be a walkabout and after some pick-and-gos by the meaty Spring Cows and experienced scrum half runs from Patchi, he and afterwards Germain both crashed over for a try. 17-10.

71% of Earth is covered by water. Switzerland alone prides itself on its glaciers and access to clear, clean water flowing through the Alps. Zürich alone has over 2000 drinking fountains for locals and tourists to enjoy. At Brunau, however, there seemed to be a serious water shortage as the Lambs lacked access to water to rehydrate and recover from the period of pressure they were under. After some moans and explicit language, the substitutes and even absentee Yannick Liechti got the message and allowed for the Lambs to be properly served for the remainder of the match. Essential hydration later, the Lambs turned the tables again with both Damian, running and stepping around the Spring Cows reminiscent to the Vietcong running through the jungle under bombings from Uncle Sam, and Louis going over each side of a Dayron pullback try for the Cows to allow the Lambs to lead 31-12 at half time.

The heat was slowly getting to the Spring Cows who are typically more active at night. Spring Cow prop forward Cronin was the first victim of possible sunstroke as he decided punching poor little Norman Pedrini in the face in front of the lanky sideline ref was a smart and tactical move. Yellow Card.

The Lambs turned ruthless and Dom Moser crossed the try line twice. This would’ve completed Dom’s hattrick, but he unselfishly decided to hand Claudio his third try of the day in order to allow the young Swiss-Italian to go home post-game and tell his ‘Mama’ of his glorious achievement that day. After a blip in one-way traffic, Germain scored again, but Cameron decided to end all hopes by teaming up with JB for a silky move and fly over for a wonderful try deserved of our captain for the day.

10 minutes before the end, Cameron really did decide to end all hopes of a comeback by the Spring Cows by heroically single-handedly stopping a 600kg+ rolling maul on his own try line only for it to fall on top of him. The rest of the game was called off, Captain Cameron tore his ligaments, but before being sent off to hospital and attaining expert care from two very lovely looking paramedics, he managed to lift the Father Abraham Cup as captain and in his last appearance for the Lambs. We all wish Cam a speedy recovery! Final score: 52-22 to the Lambs.

Under 30 - Over 30

1st 20

5-0 Dano (try)

7-0 JB (conv)

12-0 Dom M (try)

17-0 Dano (try)

17-5 Patchi (try)

2nd 20

17-10 Germain (try)

22-10 Damian (try)

24-10 JB (conv)

24-15 Dayron (try)

24-17 Patchi (conv)

29-17 Louis (try)

31-17 JB (conv)

3rd 20

Yellow card - Cronin

36-17 Dom M (try)

38-17 Damian (conv)

43-17 Claudio (try)

45-17 Fin (conv)

4th 20

45-22 Germain (try)

50-22 Cameron (try)

52-22 JB (conv)


(Von: Tim Vögtli)