Thu 14.09.17, 19:00 Hours | Pruntuttermatte, Basel

7 : 35

GC-Rugby wins last preparation game vs RFC Basel

Last Thursday the boys travelled to Basel for a friendly game versus RFC Basel. The game was the preparation for the new season, a big opportunity to apply the new learnt tactics with a real opposition. The game has been divided in 4 quarters so that there was the opportunity to test more layouts.


The coach put many players out of their comfort zone to see their response to the new role and their ability to adapt to it. The boys reached the pitch in various ways: some by car, others by train, a minority by pilgrimage with bare feet, some Star Trek fans by teleporting and a couple by Tinder date. It’s clear that for a game during the week it’s is difficult to travel as a single squad and the SBB are happy about this. 


In Basel they had a fast warm up just before rushing on the pitch for the game. The first quarter started slowly, there were a lot of mistakes in the basics, like ball handling and catching. This has been a constant for all quarters. During this first quarter, some boys realized that the team had no water bottles and the groundkeeper was very keen on giving us some. In the meantime, Sylvain could break the line and to score the first try. The Frenchie Flo Buzz converted the try easily. The first quarter ended with Zurich leading by 7 points.


Then on the second quarter some big names joined the squad, like the national team player Tim Vötgli, who proved to be the MVP of the squad (Editor’s note: I’ve got paid for writing this). Mistakes were still there but the squad proved to be more consistent and the Swiss national team player Tim Vötgli could score a try, which was converted by the Englishman Hugh “gold foot”. Not long after this, and after some lineouts won by Zurich, despite they were as unorganized as never, the same happened again: Tim scored another try and the Frenchie fries Hugh “gold foot” was able to convert it again. The second quarter ended with Zurich leading by 21 points. 


The third quarter started with some new players in the pitch: the team suffered a stop and was not leading the game anymore. A fake ice cream Van was going through the pitch distributing Mistakes to the players. This third quarter showed clearly that players that missed the pre-season trainings or didn’t understand the new game plan were in difficulty to pick up with the other players: lineouts turned out to be messy and a mixture between the old GC calls and the new ones, which Cedric “no neck” showed us. Zurich was awarded a penalty try and the quarter ended with Basel attacking on the Zurich try line. They almost scored. 


The last quarter started with some new players and luckily there was again "The national team player" between them. Lineouts were better but the scrums were now weak and unstable, due to the 30 cm height difference in the front row (E.D.: The tighthead was also tired). Zurich was showing had a good start with the polish Hugh breaking the line and scoring a try, which has been converted by himself. Then out of nowhere, the MVP of Basel was able to intercept the ball and run quarter of the field to score a try. This buried the moral of GC boys and Basel started taking the momentum. Our boys showed some good defensive skills and Basel was not able to see the try line anymore. The game ended 7 – 35.


It has been a good preparation game, which showed that the GC Beast has a huge potential but it is still imprisoned by chains: the players must work hard to break these chains in order set the beast free. If this will happen, the GC Beast will devour one opponent after the other, as normal people eat the Paddy’s French fries.

(Von: Norman Pedrini)