Sat 14.04.18, 15:00 Hours | Le Stade Marius Berthet, Chens sur Léman

15 : 19

1st team beat Hermance away

Off the back of a much needed win and better performance the week before against fellow title rivals Nyon, GC Rugby were now challenged to face top of the league Hermance Rugby Club.

As many readers know Hermance sits above Geneva and their pitch is situated in the south east of Gaul (present day France) and as some lesser travelled rugby players might point out we actually play in an international rugby tournament! With our passports packed and enough booze to be called alcoholics on a Saturday morning at 7am we set off with a clear goal in mind to conquer Gaul for the Zücher

After a long bus ride through the Geneva and up the mountain into Gaul the legs felt heavy and the pasta was like concrete in our stomachs. A quick scope of the battleground and we were ordered to get changed and play some light touch to help with the legs. It felt rusty on the field however slowly the muscles in the legs gained oxygen, and the carbs from lunch gave us the slow release energy that was needed.

Flip Flops and sunglasses (Buy our new GC Sunglasses at home games) were donned while we watched the 2nds take to the field and lay the foundations for what was to come.

A strong warmup mixed with apprehension took place, some words of encouragement from the usual figures with rather a few expletives and game time was upon us. Marching out of the cabins the team only had one goal in mind to win.

Zurich came out of the blocks flying exerting good pressure on Hermance. In the first 20/30 minutes Hermance barely touched the ball in attack as Zürich went through the phases. Hermance are not top of the table for nothing and their defense held. It took a little grubber kick into the corner by our Asterix lookalike  “Brokennosefix” (Hugh) to put in croatian winger Ivan. Brokennosefix pulled the kick and score was 0-5 to Zurich. Hermance pulled back a penalty to take the score to 3-5

Some more solid carries from the various Obelix lookalikes within the team and Zurich were slowly getting a hold on the game.

A sly half break by “Runsidewaysfix” (Finlay) and offload to the resident Yank opened up the Hermance defence. “Yank” (Jess) ran hard running into defenders deliberately before offloading to Brokennosefix  to score.

Two penaltys for GC and the half time score was 3-16 to the boys from Helvetia.

A few too many hits to the head for your author to remember how the game got to 10-19 however it involved a few mistakes by GC and the pressure was let off. Hermance came back strong and it looked like the Gauls were making a come back.

As it always goes with stories we must have a villain, and that villain is Jess (new name) “Interceptix”. Hermance pounced on a poor pass and ran the field, some valiant cover defence prevented the try under the post and the Hermance kicker missed.

A tight last 10 minutes occurred everything was thrown in by both sides Zurich held barely. A 5 meter lineout to Hermance, last 30 seconds. Christian “Germanix” leapt high and stole the lineout, a kick down field, a counterattack, a tackle by that croatian winger, a turnover and it was over.

Zurich win 15-19. Gaul was conquered by the Helvetians. All was good in the world.

With stolen wine from the gauls and high quality Anchor beer the bus trip was one to remember. Paddy’s was the desired location for the spoils of war and perhaps some fair maidens were taken in celebration.