NLA 2017/2018
Sun 08.04.18, 15:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

38 : 20

First team beat Nyon at Home to go third

Sunday is not the day of rest in Zurich, it's a rugby day! A beautiful sunny weather was blessing all players...the poor pale guys from Albion would have turned into red tomatoes by the end of the day. God save their skin. The First team player met at 1 o'clock at the pitch in order to support the playerals of the Excellence A during their first half. In the changing  room  the  players  were  focused and  the moral  was high: the winning second team is always a good booster.

A long and chilled warm up introduced the players to big hard sun. No worries, many water breaks kept the men hydrated. The old and wise captain, James 'skinlesshead' Pickering, made a good speach for pumping up the players: 'If you do shit, you will have to wash the jersey'. He is a pragmatic man as his wife is washing them right now. The game started with a very aggressive Nyon who managed to score a try and convert it. s

The coques kept their agressivity and stole the ball and pushed the gc players to commit a stupid penalty, which was kicked successfully .Kickoff again and the gc boys were struggling, they lost the ball immediately and the Nyon kicker managed to score a drop goal from the 22 meters line. 15 minutes into the game and the score was 0 to 13 for Nyon. The lions from Zurich were wounded and the smell of their own blood got into their head: their were gifted the berserker rage from the gods. This turned the chicken legs of Tim Vögtli into the boosters of the space shuttle and managed to steal the ball from Nyon's hands and he sent to orbit all three players that tried to stop him. Nyon tryzone is ours. Hugh Kisipeasy converted it, of course. The  boys were on it and in a lineout the Herr Röhrig call a throw to the last jumper, Sylvain, who thinks he is not able to jump. This is kind of true as his legs move all around in a spastic way while he jumps. But this time he went up and Henggi threw the ball perfectly. Sylvain was looking at the ball coming to his hands as a young virgin man first time. What a perfect loneout, nothing can stop him now. Tim got the ball and it is such a good thing that he is studying mechanical engineering: he managed to convert his legs into the latest Falcon Heavy, a reusable booster system: more Nyon players were sent to orbit and he scored another try. Hugh converted it, again. Then Tim scored another time, and Hugh didn't convert it... Maybe he should work on his kicking. Half time and the GC boy were leading 19 to 13. 

The coach was happy, everyone was happy and the players managed to get into the second half focused and composed. The forwards got the ball back immediately and in a lineout they set up a maul, which ended after Nyon's try line: no try has a courageous man managed to put his frenchie fries fingers under the ball: hold up, scrum for Zurich. The momentum of the lions wasn't stopped and after the scrum, somehow Tim managed to get the ball again and to ignite the boosters for reaching the sky. Houston didn't received the SOS send from Nyon. Hugh converted it. Nyon was overwhelmed and the big GC forwards were completely dominating the game. Nyon desperately tried to maul from the GC 22 meters line and it went pretty well but there was a problem in their style: French players struggling in a rugby game try to achieve the win with secret nasty weapons.The touch judge saw them, so the number 3 got a yellow card. The pressure put by Zurich ended up by showing the French fries how to maul. Two beautiful mauls ended up in collectove tries (players credited were Henggi 'The Handsome' and Ekim 'The ginger Alpha'). Hugh manged to convert one despite the very tough angle. Zurich was now leading by 38 to 13. But Nyon didn't gave up and as soon as they saw the 139 kg  lock from Zurich 'Hodor' being subbed, they realised that this was the opportunity they have been seeking for, so they tried a last desperate attack. Near the GC tryline the frenchies were doing a pick&go after the other and the lions show their tight defense with some impressive tackles, like Herr Röhrig who literally pushed the carrier more than 5 meters back. Offensive defense, that's the way to defend. In the end Nyon managed to find a tiny gap and to score one last try. Final score 38 - 20. All players want to thank the home support which helped the club to get ttwo wins. After both games many players stayed at the pitch till for celebrating the great day with BBQ and beer. Away game next Saturday against Hermance, it's a very important game for pushing for the top spot in the league.

(Von: Norman Pedrini)