Sat 11.11.17, 15:00 Hours | Stade des Servers, St. Genis

28 : 12

Tough loss for first team in Cern

It’s tough to write a match report after a loss if you’ve won the last consecutive six and being considered as the main contender for the title. But let me start from the beginning.

We went down to France (Geneva) to become winter champion and to have a great party on the way back. The party might have been the wrong motivation for this day. It was a cold and wet day in Cern and our opposition is known for being tough old bastards. And this was exactly how they played.

We had a good start into the game with a quick turnover and counterattack try from Tim.  Cern tried to counter with some good attacking phases. Romain got the ball in his hands and went for a try in the right corner. Unfortunately he got tackled in the last second and got pushed into touch. This was the turning point in the game. Instead of leading 0:12, Cern got a penalty and came back after being down (3:7). The cold, the dirty pitch, personal mistakes, the lack of intensity, the missing passion and the absent belief of being able to turn this game around led us down to 28:7. 

During the last five minutes of the game Alex showed the whole team what intensity means and we were awarded in a try from Norman. It took the team way too long to wake up. This game showed us that we need to work harder, not only in the gym, but also on our mental strength.

All in all it was an important loss. Because you need to lose to win in the end.