Sun 05.11.17, 14:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

47 : 6

1st team remain top of the league after convincing win against Avusy

Rain, wind, mud and cold, playing rugby in November is such a pleasure, for a forward at least. This last Sunday was no exception, a heavy and iced rain was on rendezvous. We were all soaked even before starting the game. Obviously, our opponent of the day, Avusy, seemed also enjoying theweather and forced us into mistakes. Three easy points for the bulldogs’ kicker. 0-3. At the restart, Herr Doktor Röhrig catches the ball and brake through the defence line for a 30 meters run. This action wakes up the grasshoppers. From a5 meters lineout, the GC maul drives over the line and the young and promising hooker Woody grounds the ball. The try is converted by the newly promoted captain, Hughes Kisiliewsky. 7-3. The rain increase and here comes the first knock on. The westerners are dominating the scrum. Zürich defends ferociously. To favour the brave supporters defying the weather, Alessandro deals some bone-crunching tackles. After a lineout, Oli pass the ball to our number 12, who just finished digesting mommy’s brunch. A well-known fact, Bloody Mary gives you wings. Staubli the tightrope walker steps graciously between two player and score GC’s second converted try. 14-3.

At the restart, some poor support after Sämi the Scientist carry allow the Bulldogs to grab 3 more point. 14-6. At the halftime break Alex offers a deal to the players. If they score a try in the first 5 minutes, they can stay on the pitch. The coach talk lifts the motivation of GC players. The supporters can observe some big carry by Norman and Chris and majestic last pod lineouts by Dano. The backs are also lifting their effort. From a ball caught in our 22 meters, Louis la Fusée cross the whole width of the pitch, slalom between four players and offers the perfect pass to winger Ivan, who is stopped up on the five meter line. The five minutes are over, Alex inject fresh blood by subbing the complete front row. The rain has stopped, but the fight goes on. Once again, powered by the mornings’ benedict eggs, Staubli break through the defence, steps a bulldog and offload a try pass to Tim who meow of delight. 21-6.

At the restart, the ball goes to Tim. The flanker break through, runs on open field but forget to pass the ball to the prop running on his right, blowing up a shoo-in try opportunity. Zürich lift the intensity, scoring a couple tries more by Ivan, and Staubli. 35-6 After a kick into touch from Avusy, Tim try to play the ball fast, the orange number 1 make a high tackle on his opposite prop, number 16. Number 17 Andri immediately jumps in the fight to avenge his front row buddy and hit the orange number 16. The referee, overwhelmed by the intensity of the action, immediately gives a yellow card to both blue number 16 and orange number 17. Make sense of that if you can. The game restarts. Nico receive the ball and break through the defence. Learning from Tim’s previous mistake, he decide this time to pass the ball right,  but his arms, stiffed by the cold and wet weather, do not follow his accurate mind and the ball ends up 5 meter behind the planned receiver.

After two more tries from the Grasshoppers, the referee whistles the end of the recreation, 47-6. Great performance from whole team, despite down pouring conditions which allows GC to consolidate his position on top of the league’s table.

Lineup: 1. Norman Pedrini 2. Woody 3. Sämi König 4. Chris Röhrig 5. Felix von Reischach 6. Alessandro Gambarotta 7. Dano Indermauer 8. Diego Favre 9. Oli Dias 10. Hughes Kisiliewsky 11. Louis Reyes 12. Yannick Staubli 13. Romain Kooger 14. Ivan Kraljevic 15. Yared 

16. Raphaël Waldis 17. Andri Koeferli 18. Nico Scharenac 19. Philipp Schuepp 20. Tim Vöglti 21. Yannick Liechti 22. Flo Bézard

(Von: Raphaël Waldis)