Excellence A
Sat 02.11.19, 13:00 Hours | Cherpines - Centre Sportif

23 : 17

GC 2 Loose by 6 Points

The game started at 14h15.

The game does not start very well and because of some lack of concentration in defence we conceded two tries which have been converted .14-0 After some time we finally got our first try with the help of Dayron’s speed who put the ball behind the line and it has been converted by Gian. At the half time it was 14-7

The second half started better as we managed to get our second try, by JB after a nice push by the forwards. Henry converted easily 14-14. The end game was characterised by a lot of defensive fouls. We got the first penalty converted by Henry 14-17. Until the end we couldn’t defend properly, made a lot of technical fouls and one yellow card by Lawrence that gave GPlo 3 penalties which they have scored. Full time 23-17. 

(Von: Benjamin Gely)