LNF-A 2022/23
Sat 22.04.23, 12:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

17 : 24

Match report Valkyries VS Red Wolves

Last Saturday we were supposed to play our official match against the Red Wolves from Bern. Due to a lack of players the Red Wolves had to forfeit the game, but it was agreed that a friendly game would be played. Bern only showed up with 8 players and there was no ref scheduled for our match. Despite this we were determined to play rugby! Our coach Rahel stood in as referee and 5 Valkyries were borrowed to Bern.

As the weather got worse, the game began. We played 12 vs 12 in 4 quarters of 15 minutes. Right from the beginning the Valkyries dominated, but unfortunately the ones in red. We had a hard time playing against some of our own players and Bern soon scored their first try. Our ref Rahel had to hold back from coaching on the field. After a while we could adjust our game but never managed to get the upper hand.
Great runs on Berns side, mostly from our own players, solidified the red Wolves lead. Finally, one of our players could break through Berns defence but sadly there was no one there to support her. She ran and ran but one of our players on Berns team caught up to her. As she was left alone and at this point desperate, she begged her teammate to “just let her go” because “normally we are on the same team”. The frustration on our side grew and as it started to rain loud battle cries were heard even over the roaring thunder.

In the end we are glad to welcome the players who were lend to Bern back in our rows for the next game in Luzern.
Sadly, I also have to report that my first try ever scored was not for the Valkyries but the Red Wolves. And yes, Sophie it was really raining!

A chaotic afternoon came to an end and in the third half (or fifth quarter) alliances were formed. So the next weekend the Valkyries and red wolves will join forces again and play together in the 7s tournament in Bern.

(Von: Giulia Ardielli)