LNF-A 2022/23
Sat 05.11.22, 12:30 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

21 : 5

Valkyries win over Alba

Saturday was time for a triple header at Allmend and also for our last match of this half of the season. 

Rain stopped and the match started with a tough confrontation against Alba Ladies. Katie opened the scoring with a penalty. Unfortunately with a lack of organisation from our side, Alba scored their first try a few minutes later.

Losing by 2 points, we were really motivated to fight back and win this match. A few phases later and with a better team line speed, Katie made her way through and scored her first try.

Half time with 8-5 for Valkyries.

Coming back on the field, our wingers Julia and Susie made a great job at stopping Alba with strong tackles on the sidelines.

Katie went all in and scored another penalty followed by two beautiful tries thanks to a great team job with Sophie & Lisa.

Overall Valkyries dominated the match with strong defense and determination to win, thanks Alba for the great fight.

Final Score 21-5.

It was also our last match with Mhina, thanks a lot for this half season, we wish you all the best for your future in the Netherlands.

(Von: Lisa Demaison)