LNF-A 2022/23
Sat 15.10.22, 15:00 Hours | Pruntrutermatte

26 : 29

First dick of the game coronation

Arriving 1h in advance on the beautiful Basler pitch, enabled most of the girls to take it easy and prepare their bodies and mind for the game. After this “me time” we started the warmup, which went very well. No balls were dropped, there was communication, and the kicks were precise. We were confident.

As soon as the match started our confidence suffered immediately after 5min, as Basel scored their first try.

Losing by 5 points, made us decide to make Katie kick the penalty to get points, which didn’t get through. But resolved in another action and a try of Sophie, converted successfully by Katie.

A few lineouts and scrum later, Basel made their way through and scored their second converted try, which was quickly countered by Katie, who scored a try as well.

Monica, our forward captain didn’t hesitate long to steal some balls which made our second row, Geraldine score another try.

In the middle of the game, Katie heroically ran and tackled a Basel girl who was about the try. Nevertheless, after this brilliant action, she kicked the ball in a ruck, coming in from the side. This penalized her and the team, as she received a yellow card, for it.

 A lack of concentration and tiredness brought us down by 7 points after 61minutes.

The collaboration of the backs magic and the fight machine, as we like to call it, was successfully demonstrated by Sophie and Katie who worked together to make Katie score her third try in the 88th minute.

We were winning against Basel 29: 26 when the referee announced the last action. The rational decision of the team was to throw the ball directly after the lineout to our 15, 10 or 12, to kick it out. Nevertheless, me myself and I, as their scrum half, decided to play 3 phases before finally passing it to one of our kickers. This action made our coach Yared, our spectators and our team live in fear till the last second before the final whistle.

In the third half, Basel recompensated Katie for being the best player, as she scored most of the tries and made nearly all conversions. Zürich on the other hand, made Minha, who managed to steal a lot of balls and made us gain some meters, their best player. Although we usually never elect a dick of the game, it was naturally that Katie, our captain, crowned me dick of the game for making them play 3 phases before ending the game. This is how I ended up having to write this report. (Thanks Katie!)

(Von: Karin Keller)