LNF-A 2021/22
Sat 14.05.22, 13:00 Hours

64 : 0

Tough loss away at Luzern

The Valkyries travelled to Luzern to play the top-of-the-table Luzern Dangels. The Dangels have delivered convincing wins all season, being the only team still undefeated. The Valkyries had a light roster due to some recent injuries that rocked the lady’s camp, forcing players to play in new positions. We were up for the challenge! 

A tragic loss rocked the Luzern rugby community a few weeks ago when one of the Dangels’ daughters died in an accident. The match kicked off with a minute of silence and both teams’ players wore rainbow tape around their left arms in her honor. 

The first 10 minutes had lots of back and forth play between Valkyries and Dangels, but ultimately the Dangels struck first with a 5 pointer in the corner. With the sun beating down and temperatures beginning to skyrocket, the Valkyeries defense still managed to hold their shape in the middle of the field. However, a few quick back plays and we were beat on the outside. Half time score 26-0.

The second half saw a drop in focus from the Valkyries and two quick tries were scored un succession by the Dangels. With only one player available off the bench, we were out substituted by the Dangels bench who flooded the field with fresh lungs/legs in the second hald. Despite the circumstances, the Valkyries kept fighting until the end. Final score 62-0.

This match saw the Valkyeries regular season schedule come to a close. Now it’s time to recoup and regather ahead of the semifinal clash against Nyon on June 11th.

(Von: Katie Lank)