NLA 2021/2022
Sat 18.09.21, 15:00 Hours | Stade Marius Berthet

9 : 28

Win over Hermance after long break

After a long wait rugby is finally back in Switzerland and boy are we glad to be back!

GC ended up scoring the first points with Antione Duplan sailing over for the first try with a backs play. After conceding a crazy amount of penalties, Hermance managed to Secure 9 points by kicking three conversions making the Score 7-9. A few plays later Hermance kicked the ball down the blistering Hugh Kisielewski who passed the ball to Jaydon Morgan. Morgan spotted a hole in the defense and managed to brake the line with some fancy foot work. He then offloaded to Dayron Campos who instead of scoring the try ended up dropping the ball over the try line. Close to the end of the first half, Thati got a yellow card meaning that GC had to go into the second half with just 14 men on the field

The Seconded half started and not long afterwards Antione Duplan snatched the ball midair from a knock on by Hermance and galloped effortlessly from the halfway to go over for his second try, pure class by the Frenchman making the score 14-9. Not long after Jemba Bull broke the line and just didn’t have the gas to beat the last defender and ended getting tackled just before the try line, legend has it that he’s still trying to put down his handbrake. Lucky for him his fellow partner in crime Tom McMann just had to pick the ball up and walk over the try line without being touched to score GC’s third try and make the score 21-9. Later Tim broke off a quick tap but couldn’t manage to use those big biceps to get over the try line but instead got tackled 5 meters short, Thati trying to make up for getting a yellow card in the 1st half then picks and goes by himself and got over the try line making the score 28-9. Close to the end of the game Dayron Campos got so close to scoring a try but got held up, being denied yet another try. The game ended with GC winning 28-9


1st try

Antoine via backs play

They score 3 penalties

You run through pop to Dayron and under pressure knocks on over the line

Tati yellow card

HT 7-9

Antoine try - knock on Hermance he picks, runs through and scores

Tom try. Jemba breaks, stopped on line, Tom picks from ruck and runs over line

Tati try. Tim breaks off a quick tap. Stopped 5 metres out. Tati loves a pick and go and scores.

Dayron held up over line in a pick and go.


FT 28-9

(Von: Jaydon Morgan)