NLA 2022/2023
Sat 26.03.22, 15:00 Hours | Dorigny - Centre Sportif

14 : 36

new 10, best 10

On Saturday 6th of November 2021, GC Rugby’s 1stXV closed out the first half of the season in style with a 61-nil victory over RC Avusy. It had been a mixed half-season: good results, numerous injuries, a tight loss to Nyon away and a clear blip out on the pitches of GePLO with an overall sense that the squad was in a good position to push on into winter preparations to consolidate a reasonable start.


On that day in November, GC had wisely chosen to close out the match by bringing on the under-utilized fly half. Tries galore and not a point conceded at Fortress Brunau. Having clearly made a decisive impact on that Saturday afternoon, the coaching staff unanimously agreed that the second half of the season needed to start with an almighty bang on the sunny shores of the Lac Léman against LUC.


With organisational and fitness work had been key messages throughout the decidedly cold winter months, the GC machine was ready to get rolling. Receiving the kick-off and playing into the sun, GC held on to the ball and took a short while to set up the structures effectively. Jess, affectionately known to his new Swiss National Team colleagues as Tarzan, lost patience early and was willing to roll the dice: he went for a semi cross-field kick. With odds of 20-1 he would fluff it, it was a gamble: but it miraculously paid off and landed into the eager hands of Robbie’s new Scottish archnemesis (having finally let go of Ian Sterling): no toes Craig. GC conceded two quick penalties and went 3-0 down having not been outside their own 22.


“No-calves Tim” had clearly been on a mission to wind up the opposition’s number 8 who, to the great joy of the travelling supporters, exploded with childish anger and consternation when he was subsequently sent off….for being a pillock.


GC then went through solid phases of possession before the fly-half expertly put “no-calves” into position to score under the posts. 7-3. Receiving the kick-off GC were once again penalised but the comically poor kicking of LUC continued and the score remained unchanged. 


From a great turn-over at the line-out, the Bull put the GC pack deep in the opposition 22 (only after Jess had failed to execute an easy 2 on 1 with the ever present fly-half right on his shoulder), and the ball went out to the wing where chatty Gwen expertly scored to make the score 12-3 to the visitors. And right after kick-off the ball went wide and the French magician was able to offload the ball to “no-cavles”, who it seemed hadn’t bothered getting back into position after the latest try was scored.


With GC looking in great position, in no small part thanks to the fly-half, the coach decided to take pity on the LUC squad and let Tom Mcann slow the game down and make it less fun to watch. The fly-half though was able to continue gracing the field with his presence from the wing. 


That infamous substitution means that ultimately there isn’t much else to talk about, barring the wonderful work of the forwards around the park and in particular our two beautiful giant props at scrum time. And it was another forward who scored in the corner to make the game more comfortable for GC, with Tom Macarthy finally being allowed to go for the number 8 pick up.


Nevertheless,  we should not forget that the starting fly-half (now on the wing), and who, for all intents and purposes should always be starting at ten (the calls were unanimous from the touchline!), was able to run in a try from fifty metres having beaten two defenders*. Game done, a good result with which to start the second half of the season.


*any omissions or misstatement of fact are at the absolute discretion of the author.

(Von: Hugh Kisielewski)