NLA 2022/2023
Sat 16.10.21, 15:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

21 : 34

Match Report GC - Yverdon

Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining and the supported are massed on both side of the pitch. Our second team just completed their first win this year and we are welcoming the actual leader of LNA, Yverdon. GC captain Mr. Mullet is back. All condition for a tough but joyful match of rugby.

Indeed, the game starts off the wheel and you better not be late. After 54 second on the Pitch, our fancy Italian Paulo celebrate his first Team A selection with a silly penalty only him holds the secret of. The coach of the day, Jemba One Leg, does his first move and swap Paulo for Dayron the black thunderbolt.

After a few phases, Yverdon center pierce with a nice angle GC defensive line and score a 50 meter try, 0-7. Some minutes later, the dominant Zurich scrum push his opposite 2 meters back. In the fumble, the green scrum half manage to get the ball out and give it to his center. With nice side steps, he manage again to overcome the defensive return of our soon to be dad Jean-Baptiste and scores his second try, 0-14 for Yverdon.

The game continues, chopped with innumerable scrums, heavily dominated by the Zurich pack. Las, this effort does not pay off and Yverdon number 10 scores 3 more point, 0-17, soon followed by a third try, 0-24. Zurich needs to react and eventually manage to set their game plan in place. After several forwards carry, Tom the flying Englishman scores Zurich’s first try, 7-24 just before half time.

Zurich start the second half better than the first and Gwen-the-Ref reduce the difference to 10 points, 14-24. Hopes rise again in GC ranks. The ferocity of the fight picks up. Basil sacrifices himself to stop Yverdon’s massive number 8 just before the try line. He has to leave the pitch under the players applauses. Alessandro the Talker comes in.

Few minutes later, Yverdon number flyhalf cross kick to his winger. Dayron lose the air contest and the green 14 score, 14-31.

Zurich puts all in and after an intense pick and go session in Yverdon’s 22, Tauira two dogs score Zurich third try, 21-31. Yverdon manage to score a last penalty and the game end up with a 21-34 score.

First home defeat for Zurich, but well played Yverdon.

(Von: Raphaël Waldis)