NLA 2021/2022
Sun 26.09.21, 15:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

29 : 29

Match report - GC Zürich Rugby XV 1st - Stade Lausanne XV 1st

Sunday, 26th December 2021 - Allmend Brunau Sport Ground, Zürich.

11:59 - Clouds are up, mercury level indicates more than 10 degrees C. Optimal conditions for our British teammates to throw some bratwurst and other cervela on the bbq.

12:00 - Seconds’ match is kicked off. A real ref is behind the whistle. Pitch is surrounded by the whole club members and hundreds of sport lovers. A closeby skate contest brings some music on. It already smells like grilled beef all around. Kevin Baker feels at home. What a beauty for the comeback of rugby at Allmend Brunau after one year of shortage. Life is back!

12:30 - Departure towards the changing rooms

13:00 - Arrival at the changing rooms

13:30 - Warm up between a quidditch contest and an Indian cricket game.

13:59 - Final prep. Circle up. Captain’s talk. Tom McCarthy shouts something at us in Irish Gaelic. Everyone agrees.

14:00 - KO. Had to wait to play in Switzerland to be ref by a referee with a headset. Pressure is max. 1st half - Despite too many lovely runs being aborted from our side, Tim Vögtli carries the ball plus four Lausannois on his back and bring them all behind the try line, concluding a well constructed champagne move. Tom McMann converts it. The crowd and Boris go mad.

Stade Lausanne quickly reacts and after a brilliant play sends his fly-half under the poles. With new built confidence, they exploit our indiscipline, defensive mistakes and poor knowledge of the new rules (my bad) to break through our line multiple times.

On one of their runs, our leading captain Jemba Bull unfortunately gets his leg blocked in a tackle and sees his left hip being dislocated… Dr Henry provides first aid.

Shocked and gutted by our skipper’s loss, we try to react but Stade’s charnière pushes our head even deeper underwater and we watch, powerless, their scrum-half flees around a ruck to score their second try.

14:40 - Halftime. GCZ 7 - 16 SL We focus on the positive and get boosted by our hooligans' songs.

14:45 - Jemba sees flying blue elephants in the ambulance.

2nd half - It starts as it just ended. Their fly-half (supposingly the weak link of the team) gets the ball from a ruck exit and sets our defense on fire on few steps. Try time + conversion.

But be wary of the injured grasshopper…

Driven by a revenge and French Revolution spirit, we multiply assaults from wing to wing and Allmend Park gets submerged by blue waves.
First, Jaydon breaks the line and, focusing on the corner flag as a cheetah in its prey, goes ground the ball behind the line.
Then Alessandro, after a tight tarantella dance with the pole, gets us a penalty try. +7 points in the GC bank.
We keep pushing harder and harder and following several phases where the ball went through the hands of the whole team, the gate opens again for a last try from Antoine. Essai entre les pagelles!

Brunau explodes. Drone crashes. Girls are naked. Beer flies. We cannot even hear the music coming from the skate bowl anymore.

GCZ 29 - 26 SL after Tom’s conversion. 2 min to go. Tension is at its max.

Stade Lausanne kicks off for the last action. They somehow manage to get the ball back and desperately launch their last forces against the blue wall. Fortress Brunau holds on. Suddenly, the Swiss ref, driven by an irrepressible need for neutrality, offers a penalty for Stade Lausanne that the visitors accept without one single rejection. Tee is brought. Ball is kicked and flirts with the pole. Flags rise. Triple whistle.
Game over.

15:45 - GCZ 29 - 29 SL What a comeback and what a cruel ending. We share the points with Stade Lausanne but we get an extra offensive bonus point that rewards our reaction in the second half.
The frenchies, aware of their performance, enjoy their time with some fresh beers and delicate Marseille rap... See you in April.

17:30 - Valkyries close this amazing rugby day at Brunau with a huge performance over the Switzers.

What a day to be a grasshopper!


Ps: Speedy recovery to Paul, Josh and Jemba.

(Von: Antoine Duplan)