NLA 2021/2022
Sat 02.10.21, 15:00 Hours | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

55 : 27

Big Saturday Win at Brunau

Having a home game on a Saturday doesn’t happen to often so all the boys came down to Brunau with big motivation knowing that with a big win we could have a big celebration later on at Paddy’s.

Few seconds after the kick off we already scored our first try of the day and were leading by 7 points. Shortly after we conceded a penalty in our own half giving away 3 points to LUC.

Jess “Speedy Gonzales“ Roberson scored another 2 tries by running through LUC‘s defence. Hugh “Straight Nose“ Kisielewski was more than prepared to convert all the 3 tries.

Before half time our Flyhalf who was born in a Prop’s body Tom McMann put the Ball down in the tryzone increasing the score by another 5 points.

A few minutes after the halftime break and some “Gummies“ Gwen added another 5 points to the GC scoreboard.

Legend has it Tim Voegtli got faster due to his mullet. The mullet could have been the reason why he run through their defence by ease to score twice behind the goalposts.

LUC finally woke up after their busjourney to score their first try of the day making the score 43:10. Lawrence came back at them and scored another try for Zurich.

Shortly after replacements were made, Leo and Andri came on the semi impact bench.

One scored and one immediately got sent off after 30 seconds of gametime only to come back 10 minutes later to get sent off again for a big hit after the kick off for a allegedly high tackle which ended up in a brawl. JB aka Floyd Mayweather ended up in the middle of the fight and was able to avoid a few punches from the opposing number 2 with his amazing headmovment. Shortly after the game had ended with 12 players on the pitch for GC and 14 for LUC. The end score was GC 57, LUC 22.

(Von: Andri Koeferli)