NLA 2020/2021
Sat 19.09.20, 15:00 Hours | Stade Marius Berthet

23 : 14

1sts loose against Hermance

After a long championship break, due to Covid19, the first team on GC was finally back in the LNA championship. The first away game was against Hermance.  

Already the first few minutes of the game showed that it was going to be a though one. Nevertheless GC scored early in the game by Gwendal Loarer from a move that was initiated by Dayron Campos. He broke a tackle, took the advantage line, passed over to Gwendal who finished the move by a kick and run to score 0-7. A little after Hermance scored a try from a maul following a lineout 7-7. Unfortunately our first try scorer took a yellow card while trying to intercept the ball. Taking advantage on the given penalty Hermance scored a penalty kick 10-7. On the following kick-start Andri Koeferli cought the ball after a bounce and scored a powerful try against two Hermance players 10-14. Before the half time Hermance scored a second try 17-14.

The second half got even tougher, but with less opportunities to score. Hermance had a penalty kick 20-14. On the following kick-start, our second scorer of the day Andri Koeferli run through a Hermance player and tackled him in the air and got a yellow card. A little after Hermance got another penalty kick 23-14. The game ended with that score. The first game of the season was a hard loss, but it confirmed that GC is on the right track with good fitness, good moves and very good scrums. However there is still plenty of work to do during the trainings.

The next big test will be on Sunday for the first home game against Stade Lausanne.  

TRY SCORERS: Gwendal Loarer, Andri Koeferli


(Von: Vincent Cousot)